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Three keywords to understand AGELOCER – China’s new generation of mechanical watches

When it comes to mechanical watches with a sense of design, you must not miss AGELOCER, the winner of the 2020 London Design Award, the 2021 Italian A Design Award, and the 2021 Berlin Design Award. AGELOCER is a young watch brand that insists on original design and independent research and development of movements. AGELOCER puts a lot of effort into quality control. In order to ensure that products meet better technical standards, AGELOCER runs through the entire process of design and drawing, plate making, accessory production, manual assembly, and testing, and has gained international recognition.

As a young brand, you must have both technical expertise and the courage to break the stereotypes. Respect traditional craftsmanship in watch design, and you can also see that AGELOCER is not constrained by tradition. Three keywords will give you a preliminary understanding of AGELOCER.

Keyword 1: Give a new design vitality to mechanical watches

Not all designs have “vitality”. Good design works will consider not only the product itself, but also the association and interaction with user experience, design concepts, and functions. Mechanical watches are composed of hundreds of parts, which are just plain hardware parts before being processed. After being designed and polished, they are assembled by experienced watchmakers. With the beating of the core driven by the rotation of gears, a mechanical work with “vitality” was born in the world.

The product designer of AGELOCER said: The design vitality of the AGELOCER watch began from the initial conception. The design vitality is like a seed that breaks the ground. It has to accumulate a certain amount of power to break some inherent shackles.Eventually, it is inherited, but also innovative, a new bud of hope, and a design force that can grow up.

In the entire process from design to production of the watch, AGELOCER has implemented the “Always surprised” design concept to the end, so that consumers can truly feel the surprise. The concept of a product is not only an idea, but more importantly how to realize the idea. It is embodied in every second, every minute, and every hour of each AGELOCER watch. Watch is no longer a tool just for displaying time. It uses different mechanical forms to explore the world, perhaps exploring the relationship between humans and the universe, or exploring the relationship between humans and speed. There are interesting stories on every AGELOCER watch, and you can find the traces of the fun soul behind it, as well as the design vitality of the new generation of mechanical watches.

Keyword 2: research and development of more high-quality Chinese movement

It is different from many brands that claim to have independently developed their own movements but actually purchase movements from mature movement OEMs. AGELOCER’s research and development of the movement has been redesigned from three aspects: the movement board, the internal gear train, and the transmission mechanism. Due to the different styles and movement performance of each watch, R&D personnel repeatedly verified its stability before launching it on the market. AGELOCER is one of the few brands in China that has the ability to independently develop its movement.

Most of the places where you can see the appearance of the watch are polished the same. The key is the meticulous degree of polishing inside the movement, and judge the quality of the movement from those invisible parts. Looking at the movement is the same as meeting someone you have never met before. First look at the appearance, then look at the dress style, you can initially judge the quality and taste. The identification of the movement is the same. First look at its appearance on the front and back, and then carefully observe whether the machining level of each splint and each transmission component inside the movement is fine and whether the polishing pattern is even. Observing the movement from the inside out, you can better judge whether the movement is a fine product, and you can also better understand the brand’s design philosophy and processing precision. AGELOCER continues to develop and create pioneering original movements with many different styles. The hollow movement is one of the characteristics of AGELOCER, and the movement can be directly displayed on the appearance of the watch. Let’s take a closer look at the polishing of AGELOCER movement parts.

Circular Geneva pattern

Straight pattern


Fish scales processed by DLC process

Finely polished chamfer


The hollow carved movement of AGELOCER 

The power reserve of the new generation AGELOCER movement has reached astonishing 80 hours, which is twice the energy storage of ordinary movements. In order to achieve this result, the team of technical engineers continues to in-depth research and optimize movement materials. By optimizing the type of elastic metal such as hairspring and clockwork spring, adjusting the elasticity and spring thickness, so that the torque attenuation is slow, so that the power output of the movement is slower and more uniform, and strives to make the mechanical watch more accurate and stable. The resistance problem caused by uneven spring components is a common problem in the industry. AGELOCER is also working hard to solve it, and is committed to developing more quality Chinese movements.

Keyword 3: Create a mechanical watch that meets the tastes of young people

Youth has nothing to do with age, it depends on mental space. In AGELOCER’s opinion, there are many ways to be young. It can be in a variety of ways. Being young is a sincere self-confidence that can calmly accept all aspects of the world and explore the world with a pure heart.

AGELOCER Astronomer Series


AGELOCER Schwarzwald series

Young people are a new generation of consumers. They are young and brave, thoughtful, pursuing, and dreaming. They choose characteristic products that fit their own personal settings. They hate immutability and conformity, and they are willing to break the solidified form. In terms of product design, AGELOCER did not deliberately cater to the so-called popular trend for design, but instead took “original design and design vitality” as the design principle. If one day AGELOCER starts to follow the trend and stop making original designs, then AGELOCER may not be young anymore.

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