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Three Award-winning Films by Producer Jiarui Guo, VP of Production at Vast Entertainment, Are Available Now

Recently, two of Ms. Guo’s movies aired respectively on the Lifetime channel.

Produced by Jiarui Guo, “Mountain,” “Night-blooming Cereus” and “Last Piece of the Fallen Leaf” are now available online, exclusively in Film Festival screening. 

Night-Blooming Cereus (2022)

Upcoming screenings

“Mountain”-11th Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival (EMIFF), taking place from Oct. 26th–Nov 1st, 2022

“Night-blooming Cereus”-Silver State Film Festival, taking place from October 27th–30th in Las Vegas, and Culver City Film Festival, taking place here in LA from December 2nd–8th.

“Last Piece of the Fallen Leaf”-New York edition of DANCES WITH FILMS, taking place December 1–4, 2022 at the Regal Union Square Theatre in NYC!  

Jiarui Guo is a distinguished film producer who has been acknowledged by a number of international film festivals commissions, including:

LA Shorts International Film Festival
HollyShorts Film Festival
Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival
San Diego International Film Festival
Burbank International Film Festival

“Apart” is a story about how a father and son’s relationship evolves as time goes on. Movie critic Jakie Lesson has commented that “We can see our own selves from the story, as when we are young, the role of ‘father’ means ‘someone who is far above us.’ As time goes on, we find the role of ‘father’ still ‘superior.’ We sometimes wish to keep it that way, until we need to become the warrior of the family ourselves.”

“Last Piece of the Fallen Leaf” is also appreciated by film critics and received the “Best Short Narrative Film” award at Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival. “When we view students who are in school, we presume their sky is baby blue, as their life is mostly just about studying and having fun,” said movie critic Sammen Chang. “However, when we recognize the severe effects that bullying has on people’s souls, we start to consider how to understand the meaning of ‘being a child,’ and this movie provides us with some valuable answers.”

“Mountain” has received SEVENTEEN movie awards from distinguished international film festival committees. “The movie ‘Mountain’ is my favorite because it reflects humanity. I believe producer Jiarui picked a winning storyline when she chose to make this movie,” said movie maker Trevor Cross.

As a producer, Jiarui Guo is still on her way to exploring her artistic potential, while staying true to her feminist ideals and sending positive messages to the world. 

The Tryst. (aka Husband Wife and Their Lover) (2022)

Recently, two of Ms. Guo’s movies, “Temptation Under the Sun” and “A Husband, Wife, and Their Lover,” were released on August 20, 2022, and September 10, 2022, respectively on the Lifetime channel. “Harper” and “Rusty Blade” are available on Amazon Prime, while “Temptation Under the Sun” and “The Tryst” (aka “A Husband, Wife, and Their Lover”) are available on the Lifetime channel.


In addition, Ms. Guo is working as VP of Production at Vast Entertainment.

Three of Ms. Guo’s TV movies, “Christmas on the Rocks,” “Holiday Switch,” and “Vintage Christmas” (working titles), will release on the Up TV channel in the US, the Super channel in Canada, and streaming online through Disney Europe on November 11th.

She is also working on a Lifetime movie, “A Lifeguard’s Obsession” (working title), which will release on 2/18/2023, as well as the documentary series “God, Family, Football,” produced by Propagate Content and Amazon Studio, which will release around May 2023.

Next year, Ms. Guo will produce two thematic features and two streaming features, working with the two WGA writers who wrote “Star Trek” and “A Cinderella Story” and Emmy award-winning or nominee directors.

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