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Theory Law APC Safeguards a State’s Most Important Assets: The Law Firm Offers Employees Access to Legal Services to Fight Worker Exploitation

Theory Law APC Safeguards a State’s Most Important Assets: The Law Firm Offers Employees Access to Legal Services to Fight Worker Exploitation
Wrongful termination, unpaid wages, physical and mental dangers at the workplace, or discrimination, Theory Law APC protects employees against inconsiderate employers.

Los Angeles, California – Theory Law APC is a California law firm that specializes in employment law—protecting the rights of employees who have become victim to exploitation by their employer. Using modern technology, they offer employees easy access to legal help and the ability to book a free consultation with an employment attorney. Theory Law APC provides the services of Los Angeles employment attorney, Rodney Yadidi, whose relentless tenacity to protect the rights of employees has made the firm a top choice.

In the unfortunate event of a wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, or unpaid wages, an employment attorney from Theory Law APC will help the employee hold their employer accountable. This is a law firm that prides itself in treating the employee more than just a client and delves into how the incident affected the person. It’s useful to know an employment attorney who cares and is available with the click of a button or a call.

Sadly, a lot of employer misconduct goes unnoticed or without legal intervention because the employee may be afraid to speak up or is unaware of their rights. Employees also often struggle to decide what is the right time to seek legal help. Theory Law APC has a simple answer: ‘We suggest employees come to us even when they have the slightest concern.’ In other words, usually the optimal time to seek assistance is as soon as the employee senses something is amiss at work, and no remedy is forthcoming from the employer. However, in some cases, that does not mean the employee must seek legal help right away. If an employee believes they have been discriminated against, wrongfully fired or have been exploited by any means, they can ask Theory Law APC to come and rectify the situation for them.

Theory Law APC was founded during the pandemic and stands out from other law firms by refusing to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to help people. Rather than the typical law firm communication techniques, legal help is extended to everybody through a streamlined and modernized approach. The law firm can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and provides multiple means of access through their site. They also tailor their legal services to the goals and needs of each person they help, creating a more personalized, individual centered, legal representation.

Rodney Yadidi formed the firm to help people and to give them access to an attorney at their whim. His vision is to extend access to an attorney to anyone who needs legal help with a transparent approach throughout the process. Rodney represents people throughout Northern and Southern California, in both employment and personal injury matters.

In an interview Rodney Yadidi shared: ‘The creation of a law firm that expands access to everyone in a way that has never been done before has been a passion of mine for some time. The plan is to grow the firm and further expand its reach to others that need help and to show them that access to an attorney is actually easy. I want more people to see what Theory Law can do for them. I want to continue to share the success of the firm with others.’ Read his complete interview at: Top Lawyers: Rodney Yadidi of Theory Law On The 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law | by Authority Magazine.

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