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The World Needs To Hear Your Story! How Turning Your Trauma Into Art Can Change The World

One person cannot change the world, but it only takes one person to effect change. 

As individuals, we have the ability to impact the lives of others. Whether through our behavior, acts of service, or sharing our experiences, we have the power to connect with others and potentially transform their world, hopefully for the better.

Our personal stories make others feel less alone by bridging the gap between us as individuals to create a community, where a person’s experiences feel validated because they can see some part of themselves in another’s story. Our personal experiences have the power to make change, but we need brave voices who are willing to share their experiences, to pull back the curtain and say THIS THING HAPPENED, and to reveal a Truth that we all need to know about so that we can work to make a difference.

Author, ghostwriter and writing coach Alyssa Y Berthiaume is in the business of telling stories that influence the world. Alyssa (known by most as Ally) uses her powerful personality and her superpower for hearing-between-the-lines to walk alongside her clients, capturing the voices and the vision of the brilliant, brave and badass stories these women have in their hearts.

Ally is a respected ghostwriter, and owner of the boutique writing agency, The Write Place, Right Time where she connects with courageous, driven, and resilient people to help them capture their story. She either ghostwrites her clients’ books or guides them to write their own as their writing guide. Along the way, she provides her clients the resources, skills, and confidence to create stories that honor their journey, speak their truth, and empower and inspire their audience.

“I jokingly say that I’m your writing guide, ghostwriter and girlfriend all-in-one, but writing your memoir is a powerful multifaceted experience which requires a little bit of all these things,” Ally explains. “I’m there in the trenches, walking right beside my clients as they rewrite their narrative. When they bare their souls to me, we dive deep to capture their story, and together we get sh*t done.”

Ally’s giant smile, boundless energy and passionate enthusiasm invite you to express your authentic self within a safe space. Understanding the power in capturing an authentic story, Ally’s first priority is to ensure the experience of turning memories into words is a cathartic and healing experience, enabling clients to reframe pain into purpose, and reaffirm their success by overcoming past trauma.

Along Ally’s journey writing for other people, she has penned her own memoir “Dear Universe, I Get it Now: Letters on the Art and Journey of Being Brave and Being Me”, allowing her to explore her own life’s biggest lessons. The process of writing her own book, and the positive reception by its audience opened up a deep passion for helping people to share their own experiences and make an impact with their voice and their words. “It takes bravery to step forward and believe that your story should be heard, and I’ve made it my mission to help others let their truths be heard which in some ways sets the person free. I want those I work with to be liberated by whatever they went through, and I want their story to change the world!” noted Ally.

If you’ve got a passionate story burning in your heart but haven’t found the words or the courage to step forward and write it, connect with Alyssa Y. Berthiaume through her website or her LinkedIn profile to learn more about how she supports you in bringing your vision to life through writing.

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