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The World Accepts and Passes IPchangerVPN’s Digital Privacy Test

United States – Jul 1, 2022 – The world passed the Online Privacy Meaning Test, which assessed online privacy and cybersecurity knowledge of 67,135 respondents from 182 countries. Three areas were assessed: habits, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills to deal with threats.

Who is the best?

IPchangerVPN took a deep dive into the performance of the 21 countries with the largest number of respondents and found that Germany is the most advanced country for all accounts (71.2): they have a wealth of knowledge about online privacy (78.0/100), which is absolutely shocking when faced with online What to tolerate when threatened (90.2) and maintain healthy online habits (53.2).

Biggest Misunderstanding

“The biggest problem we see is understanding what keeps you private online and what doesn’t keep you online,” says IPchangerVPN’s digital privacy experts.

A staggering 49.0% believe clearing their browsing history will completely wipe their digital footprint. This is the biggest scam we are forced to believe. Tracking and monitoring is beyond our devices. Your internet service provider knows everything about your online life.

The digital privacy expert added: “To be truly private online, one must not only know how to respond to threats, but also how to prevent them in the first place. As half the world believes, clearing your browsing history won’t make you any more private. …but good habits and comprehensive cyber security tools help.”


IPchangerVPN launched an open access survey national privacy test in November 2021. 67,135 respondents from 182 countries answered 20 questions assessing their online privacy skills and knowledge. Drilling down to the individual country level, only countries with more than 400 respondents were analyzed.

About IPchangerVPN

IPchangerVPN is the world’s most advanced VPN service provider used by over 14 million internet users worldwide. IPchangerVPN offers double VPN encryption, malware blocking and designated apps. The product is very user-friendly, offers one of the best prices on the market, has more than 50 million real IP addresses in 180 countries around the world, and supports P2P. One of the key features of IPchangerVPN is the zero-logs policy. For more information:



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