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The Two Guys From Queens: The Podcast Every Guy Can Appreciate

The Two Guys From Queens is a podcast hosted by Tommy Gucciardo and Dwight Gillespie. As their name suggests, they are two guys from Queens who have a lot of stories to share. However, they don’t just share little quips about life. These two dive deep into some of their hardest journeys through life and talk about how they survived.

While a lot of their stories touch on dark subjects they’ve experienced, they tell their stories with a refreshing sense of humor and aim to give their audience an insightful view of what they went through.

Tales of The Two Guys From Queens

When Tommy and Dwight chat on their podcast, they share a lot of their stories that they knew they would laugh about later on in life. These two have had a lot of fun experiences over the years. However, they’ve had to overcome some of their darkest moments to appreciate the good times. 

These two have been through more life-breaking experiences than the average person. Anyone who finds themself in a dark spot can benefit from listening to how Tommy and Dwight overcame their situations. They go into detail about divorce to incarceration and even the death of a child. 

Tommy and Dwight have overcome drug addiction and other hard experiences. While the things they have been through are enough to break a person, they have never given up. Instead, they use their stories to help other people get through their difficult moments.

Why people love listening to The Two Guys From Queens

Life can be hard, but at the same time, it can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Despite everything that The Two Guys From Queens have been through, they still appreciate everything in front of them. These two live life to the fullest and want their listeners to feel the same energy when they tune in. They want everyone to remember the darkest moments have light ahead.

When listeners tune in to The Two Guys From Queens, they can listen to Tommy and Dwight laugh about some of their most memorable stories. These two have covered a lot of stories, and they aren’t even halfway through. To find out more, check out their official website at

People can also follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop when new episodes come out

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