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The project TEN BEST COINS (TBC) announces registration on the BitMart exchange

On August 29, 2022, TBC is expected to be registered for trading on the BitMart exchange.

TBC is a token whose price is indexed. It tracks the yield of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

TBC differs from the other tokens. The uniqueness of TBC is reflected in its nature: It is a basket currency for the Top 10. As a result, its price consists of 10% of each of the ten currencies; therefore, its price is $2,324 (at the time of writing the article). How TBC works? When a user buys TBC, the TBC system works by using bots to buy the Top 10 coins, so the price of TBC perfectly follows the yield of the Top 10 coins.

Moreover, the system performs an adjustment when a currency leaves the list of the Top 10 and another currency enters in its place.

The Ten Best Coins project is led by Yosi Sabag, CEO, a former banker with years of experience trading in the traditional capital markets. This experienced trader’s realization that the crypto market lacks a basket currency which trade in accordance with leading currencies, a significant and very useful trading tool, like the ETFs in the capital markets.

“TBC will trigger tremendous interest and amass high trading cycles as TBC is a basket currency of the Top 10 that is desirable for end-users who want to stick the yield of the market, Large players — hedge funds, family offices and liquidity providers spreading investments over several coins and in large sums, TBC is a perfect fit”, adds Yosi Sabag, CEO of TBC.

The slogan of the project appeals to crypto users to believe in the market after a period in which the market experienced declines:

“TBC Is the Power of Crypto So, if you believe in crypto – you need to hold TBC”. Another slogan that accompanies the project from the beginning is: “In God we trust” Like the register on the dollar. The company says that the idea for this slogan comes from the fact that the crypto market is gaining momentum and the belief that in the coming years crypto will shape the financial field.

The name of the project — Ten Best Coins. The symbol of the coin — TBC. TBC was created on Ethereum’s blockchain– ERC20 tokens. Total 25,000,000 tokens

As stated, on August 29, TBC will be registered for trading on BitMart.

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City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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