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The Pizza Christmas Tree by Veronica Rodriguez Pellegrini

“Veronica Rodriguez Pellegrini has written a new, fun children’s book called The Pizza Christmas Tree. It’s an imaginative spin on a children’s Christmas story. Two children plant pizza in their backyard and grow a huge pizza Christmas tree with enough pizza to share with all their friends and neighbors. It’s a fun story that also teaches a valuable lesson in sharing.” -Ashley Emma, USA Today Bestselling Amish Fiction Author

Christmas magic and pizza for everyone!

Imagine a crackling fire, a wreath hung on the door, and Christmas decorations galore.

Two children, Nina and Miguel, are enjoying some yummy pizza with their parents.

Later, while their parents sleep, the siblings plant two slices of leftover pizza in the backyard. What will happen?

A wonder occurs, as a pizza tree begins to grow. The magical tree glows, glimmers, and shines in a variety of colors. The more excited the siblings get, the larger the tree grows!

But what will they do when the pizza tree grows too big to hide from their parents? And what will their parents do? Get mad – or will they all come up with the best idea ever?

Join them to find out, learn about the joys of magic, sharing, and community, and grab a slice of pizza!

Veronica Rodriguez Pellegrini is a published author, musician, and composer. She holds a master’s degree in music and is currently working on a Ph.D. in history. Pellegrini resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with her husband, daughter, and son. Her children came up with the original idea for The Pizza Christmas Tree story after a day of gardening when they suggested ordering a pizza. The two then started joking about what would happen if they planted it.

The book was illustrated by Rhododendron Art (Pooja Patel), who grew up in India, surrounded by mountains. The valleys would turn red every spring because of the Rhododendrons, and hence the artist created her artist name. Rhododendron Art specializes in illustrating children’s books. Her wish is to contribute to the magic and wonder of children’s stories through her art.

The Pizza Christmas Tree was published by Fearless Publishing House in September 2022. The ebook will be on sale for $1.99 until October 10th on Amazon:

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