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The natural radiance, a gift from broccoli extract ‘Make9’

Nourishes natural strength of the skin with mild ingredients without 27 harmful ingredients

As people are spending more time at home due to COVID-19, interests in skincare at home are increasing. Since wearing masks has become an everyday practice, the demand for skin care is particularly soaring. In this atmosphere, ‘Make9’, a skincare brand that cultivates ‘my own light’, announced its official launch at the end of May. 

Make9 is a new beauty brand that helps customers find the natural glow of their own skin using ingredients extracted from broccoli, a superfood. Broccoli is helpful in antioxidant, anti-aging, moisture retention, and skin elasticity and recently being used as a raw material for high-end cosmetic products.

First launched overseas in Eurasia, Make9 has completed hypoallergenic tests on peeling pad, oil-free face mist, 3 types of moisture ampoules, and 3 types of firming cream and has also completed domestic clinical trials for elasticity and moisture retention.

Even a small amount of irritating ingredients can be toxic to sensitive skin. Make9 excludes 27 harmful ingredients and uses only those ingredients proven to be safe to gently soothe sensitive skin from harmful external environments.

Vitamin C gives the skin a radiant glow, and the plant-derived component helps to increase skin elasticity and regulate moisture balance. Make9 also said that it is pursuing clean beauty through a safe and powerful formula that uses natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to prevent skin from losing elasticity. 

The immediate effect of skincare products is usually only a short-term effect. To fundamentally improve the skin, it is important to fill it with nutrients from the inside out. Make9 is designed so that mild active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin to nurture the skin’s natural strength and radiate a natural glow.

The brand manager of Make9 said, “We do not compromise the sincerity we put into developing products,” and emphasized, “Make9 only uses valid ingredients for the skin and ensures slowly changing all-round skin improvement since we do not deceive ingredients.”

The Make9 Brand also said, “The more we focus on our own light, the more we can amplify the beauty that radiates from deep inside,” and added, “I hope that everyone to leap into a more confident daily life with Make9 that will lead transparent power, extracted from nature to the skin improvement.”

Follow Make9 on Instagram @make9make9 and visit the Youtube channel for more details. 

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