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The Natural Patch Co Launches an All-Natural Hormone-Free Sleep Patch

SleepyPatch promotes relaxation and faster sleep, enabling kids to sleep much better every night.

The Natural Patch Co is bringing a revolutionary solution to a good night’s sleep – one that doesn’t involve drugs, hormones, or medical supervision. SleepyPatch, an all-natural sleep patch designed for kids aged two or older, utilizes a carefully formulated blend of essential oils that helps calm the mind and body. It induces a relaxed sensation supporting faster and deeper sleep.

The principle behind the patch lies in the receptors present in the nose. The human sense of smell is directly linked to the regions of the brain that control emotions, behavior, and long-term memory. Smelling something noxious can cause nausea or repulsion while smelling something fragrant can bring about feelings of bliss.

SleepyPatch’s scientifically researched combination of scents triggers pleasant memories associated with calm and comfort, enabling users to have a relaxing, good night’s rest. The patch highlights a distinctively soothing sweet citrus scent from mandarin, lavender, sweet marjoram, and vetiver.

Unlike current sleep patches sold on the market, SleepyPatch isn’t designed to stick on the skin. It is flexible and can easily be attached to a variety of surfaces. They can stick on clothes, pillowcases, or even bed frames. The patches are made from sustainable and biodegradable materials designed to release controlled vapors for a longer scent duration. The aroma from the essential oils is diffused consistently throughout the night.

SleepyPatch is trusted by hundreds of users worldwide. Since its launch, the product has consistently received high praises from parents whose kids have trouble sleeping or staying asleep through the night. Many noted that including the patches in bedtime routines resulted in less fuss and overall better sleep experiences.

“They worked! They actually worked, and my littles are sleeping so much better. As someone who works shift work, I’m thankful that we’re finally getting into a good sleep routine/schedule.” – Cat

“My daughter was waking at all hours of the night and was not able to get back to sleep. She is now sleeping through the night without waking up.” – Michelle

One resealable pack of SleepyPatch contains 24 assorted colorful patches that are easy to peel and stick to surfaces. Sealed patches can last up to six months and come with 30-Day Easy Returns.

The Natural Patch Co is currently offering a 24-Day SleepyPatch trial to help clients see the difference it makes. If they are unsatisfied, they can easily return the products risk-free.

SleepyPatch is available for free shipping worldwide. Find more details here:

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