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The Many Sides: Personal Growth Inspiring Powerful Lives

The Many Sides: Personal Growth Inspiring Powerful Lives

The Many Sides is a personal development platform for women who find themselves navigating personal and professional transitions and who are tackling the changes and shifting priorities that come with passing life’s milestones. The platform provides guidance and inspiration on how to access new levels of personal growth and mastery as you navigate some of life challenges and opportunities.

The Many Sides

The women that the platform resonates with sometimes find themselves in a position where they are dealing with personal and professional challenges that require them to step into more personal power. They are often seeking a greater level of agency, clarity and direction and find that it is the right time for reinvention on a personal and professional level.

Performance and Personal Growth Coaching

Rita found that some women in the community, which she had built on the platform, required further support as they navigated some of these life changes, She, therefore, offers bespoke performance and personal growth coaching, that focuses on multi-dimensional transformation, to help women find a greater sense of clarity and to move forward in a clear direction that is right for them using a pragmatic yet intuitive approach.

Women have commented that they seek coaching at a time in their life when they want to be able to reclaim their life and set their own goals or where they seek to adjust their mindset on the journey to transform their lives and pivot in a new direction. Coaching support can be the crucial factor that helps move people into a positive and more powerful direction.

Women accessing coaching may find themselves entering a new phase – they may have been in a corporate role and are now looking to shift into entrepreneurship or they may be looking for more purpose-driven vocations or they may be looking to re-enter the workforce after a career break or perhaps they want to take the next step on the corporate ladder. 

In some cases, they may look for support with balancing demanding roles at work and home as they redress work-life balance and interpersonal relationship dynamics.

Coaching can help with these types of issues.

Business and Leadership Coaching

Leadership/business coaching is very valuable for women in senior or mid managerial positions, and Rita’s mission is to help women attain their goals. 

For those planning to climb the corporate career ladder, coaching assists with productivity, goal setting, focus and personal brand. Rita can also help with mission statements and finding and aligning with a clear purpose and make suggestions around personal growth strategies required for success. She also helps women build confidence so they can show up authentically at work and get comfortable with more visibility and authority.

Statistics show that women who use coaches and mentors are more likely to thrive and survive, and if time poor’ coaching can take place on Zoom or Skype sessions. In the USA there are 10.6 million women-owned businesses and a shortage of mentors.

Women in Business

Women are more likely to succeed in their business if they have a weekly coaching session while establishing themselves, and it is not surprising to learn that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs also started off with a business coach.

Rita’s bespoke 360-degree performance coaching approach incorporates various disciplines from branding and design to personal power and mindset which can help women seeking to build a business or step into entrepreneurship.

Rita describes her mission as being “to help women move towards personal satisfaction and professional success according to their own definition, in line with their mission and values, as well to be helping them to access an authentic personal power and create a recognizable personal brand, while confidently navigating major life transitions.

Throughout life, definitions of personal success change and grow in line with shifting personal priorities as well as job and career expectations. Coaching can help with identifying what is important and making sure your goals are in line with your true priorities.

Business and performance coaching is based on human resource principles and is a positive form of support providing feedback and suggestion, usually leading to a better way of doing things.

The Many Sides

The Many Sides purpose is to help women align with their mission and values and help women access their inner strength and authentic voice with the help and guidance of Rita and a mix of down-to-earth advice, wide-ranging experience and emotional intelligence. 

Coaching leads to an inspiring vision and mindset and can transform the client’s life both personally and professionally. On the way, a much clearer or renewed purpose can emerge, and a deeper insight into the self and circumstances can bring about a greater sense of personal power. 

Coaching is an essential tool for those heading in a new direction to seek guidance and clarity about the next stage of life and gain ultimate success.

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