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The Loony Adventures of Lukas & Logan and The Masked Family: an Epic Adventure of Two Newborns

Lukas and Logan’s epic chronicle invites individuals to join the voyage as they experience firsthand the impact of a global pandemic. Lukas and Logan cannot find their mom amid all the masked family members and friends.

USA – 24th August, 2021 – Family is the cornerstone of society. One of the most apparent reasons why family is so important is love. Everyone at some point in their lives hit a rough patch, and in tough times having someone to turn to becomes crucial. Family is the institution that provides love, care, and support when times get rough. Currently, when the world is battling a deadly pandemic, family instantly becomes one’s topmost priority. A supportive family can provide unconditional love and care in times when it is needed the most. Knowing that one has people that will always have one’s back is an immensely comforting feeling.

The same spirit of love and family motivated The Loony Adventures of Lukas & Logan and The Masked Family, a passion project that blossomed with the birth of Lukas and Logan. “This book is about family and love.” Says Paula Messias, the author of the book. Envisioning the unexpected consequences of Covid, Paula felt the crippling fear in 2020 when she could not be around her nephews without a mask. The slightest thought of them not knowing her and acknowledging her presence affrighted Paula to a point where she imagined them disconcerted when they saw the entire family around them.

The Loony Adventures is an extraordinary quest of two newborns navigating their way through a global pandemic and trying to find solace in the arms of family and friends. It is a heartfelt dedication to all the moms, dads, friends and family members who had a similar experience during COVID-19. This book proves that there is nothing more important than being around loved ones. “It is an expressive connection: an intimacy. It is an unbelievably strong bond—created by mothers, fathers, and siblings that provides solace in an unpredictable world. It is a shoulder to cry on and a source of motivation, love, and support. It is that warm and intimate feeling that is rare and necessary.” says Paula on the importance of familial love.

The Loony Adventures Bundle includes 2 Free The Loony Adventures Masks, 2 The Loony Adventures Onesies, and the book itself. Items are also available individually. Individuals can hop on the website and shop their favorite limited edition masks, onesies, and the book.

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