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The Gift of Scent Showcases Exceptional Out-of-the-Ordinary Aromatherapy and Scent Diffusers

Feature-rich exceptional diffusers and devices that cannot be found elsewhere.

Aromatherapy, or sometimes referred to as essential oil therapy, remains to be one of the most well-known means of holistic treatment today. And because of this passion for aromatherapy, The Gift of Scent introduces exceptional products that not only promote health and wellness but also make spaces feel and smell fresh.

The Gift of Scent takes aromatherapy products to the next level with their hard-to-find, exceptional, extraordinary, curated collections. They have a wide array of fabulous fragrant aroma diffusers that are perfect for homes, cars, and traveling.

For those who want a very simple and low maintenance diffuser, The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan gets the job done with no heat and no messy water – leaving the aromas smelling fresh and clean. It is also perfect for busy individuals since it only needs to be refilled once every month.

The ScenTrio® Wax Warmers, on the other hand, features three power levels – low, medium, and high temperatures levels – and a timer that turns itself off automatically. Whether it is paired with wax melts, fragrance oils, essential oils, or the Belle Aroma® No-Mess™ Fragrance Tarts, The Gift of Scent’s wax warmers are the perfect multi-purpose solution.

Speaking of fragrances, the Belle Aroma® No-Mess™ Fragrance Tarts – which are wax alternatives made from a fragrant scented resin – are considered the easiest and most effective of them all. Compared to traditional wax melts, these fragrance tarts last three to four times longer, without the hassle of cleaning up. Currently, The Gift of Scent has 10 No-Mess™ Fragrance Tarts, namely Sweet French Lavender, Brown Sugar Biscotti, Vanilla Bourbon, Pumpkin & Spice, Mountain Air, Moonlight Citrus, Icy Cinnamon, Grape Soda, Evergreen, and Apple Orchard.

Looking to freshen the air in one’s car, relieve stress, and combat odor while on the road? The Gift of Scent’s Power Fresh® 12-Volt Car Diffuser is unlike any other auto fragrance diffuser. Instead of the usual messy liquids or gels, this reusable 120-Volt car air freshener uses scented resin that provides active aroma diffusion to turbocharge the scent in one’s car.

From their out-of-the-ordinary aromatherapy diffusers to their special wax warmers and No-Mess wax tarts, The Gift of Scent has everything a scent aficionado needs – and more.

“We’re really proud of the collections we’ve curated. As scent lovers ourselves, we’re always looking for or innovating new products that make great scents and offer more functionality, ease of use, or aesthetic appeal,” says Jeffrey Smith, their managing partner.

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About The Gift of Scent

The Gift of Scent is a brand that is passionate about fragrance and aromatherapy products that help promote health and wellness.

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