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The future of hobby education is here starting with woodworking with the release of the HobbyHack AppPlatform provides innovative approach for users to learn a hobby like woodworking online.

Plano, TX – Craftflow Software LLC, dba HobbyHack, has released a Social Learning platform designed to make normally individual pursuits like learning woodworking and move them into a modern social learning environment, has officially released our first app called HobbyHack. The App, which has been under development for the past nine months is the brainchild of Dave Ferons and Doug Stephan and is designed to make hobbies like woodworking, more fun by placing similarly skilled people into small cohorts or “Crews” so they learn together, help one another, and have more fun learning.

The App is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is found by searching for “HobbyHack” in the search bar. New users are joining every day and assigned to crews, so this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this online group learning movement. There will be free and fee-based options.

We architected the App with a 9-level framework in a way to help members reach their individual goals whether big or small. After a lot of debate, we started with nine levels, which just seemed to efficiently incorporate all the skills needed to reach the goal of building high-quality furniture. Breaking up the skills was a bit of a challenge, but we relied on Kevin Rodel, of Kevin Rodel Furniture & Design Studio and his 50 years of building furniture and formal teaching experience for the details within each level. We also broke the levels into four tiers to allow members to feel a big sense of accomplishment by not just passing each level, but also taking a major step by moving from tier to tier.

Here is how we broke down the Tiers:

Apprentice Tier – Levels 1-3
Crafter Tier – Levels 4 & 5
Artisan Tier – Levels 6 & 7
Master Tier – Levels 8 & 9

The App is appropriate for any skill level and filled with features for the beginner up to and including Master woodworkers. The App provides a set of pre-reviewed and curated videos appropriate for each level. The ability to grade one another’s projects so you are not posting in broad forums and hoping to comments. We are providing a forum to ask questions within the crew or out to the open community, so no more posting in large forums where comments are not always helpful. We are also included level appropriate project ideas that are designed to build skill through repetition by reusing those skills throughout the journey. Features for more advanced woodworkers are project management features to track all your projects in one place and a task timer that will record the time it takes for each individual task so you can see improvement over time.

One of the more interesting features will be the Master Assist feature. When qualified woodworkers come on the platform, they will have the ability to earn extra money by making themselves “available” to take live video calls from members who want extra one-on-one help. This will be a fee-based service and available to all members.

About Craftflow Software LLC:

We are a bootstrapped startup with the goal of creating not just an app but a platform to help those new to the woodworking hobby, as well as those who have been at it for a while. Whether our members want to become a woodworking master or just master a skill, we’ve created a platform that will make their goals more achievable, attained faster, have more fun with woodworking and hopefully make true friends at the same time. We are building in features to help all skill levels improve their craft and for the most highly skilled to make extra money helping others. The App will eventually branch out into other hobbies but focus on woodworking for the initial launch.

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