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The Founders of Nanato Media Publish a New Book on Hispanic Legal Marketing

The Beyond Se Habla Español Book Provides Everything Law Firms Need to Win the Hispanic Market.

AUSTIN, Texas – July 07, 2021 – Law firms that do not have appropriate strategies for engaging with the growing U.S. Hispanic market are not only losing out on potential current business but also risking their financial future. That’s the message behind a new book titled “Beyond Se Habla Español: How lawyers win the Hispanic market,” which offers practical insights and actionable steps for law firms that want to better serve this expanding demographic.

“Beyond Se Habla Español” is written by Natalie Fragkouli and Liel Levy who run Nanato Media, a marketing agency based in Austin, Texas focused specifically on helping law firms that concentrate on the burgeoning Hispanic American market. The book primarily provides guidance for lawyers engaged in consumer-focused work. This includes personal injury, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, immigration, family law, criminal, and other practices.

In the book, Fragkouli and Levy explore the unique characteristics of the diverse Hispanic market and explain why law firms should consider a digital-forward strategy for connecting with potential clients. The authors also offer a step-by-step guide to developing a winning digital lead-generation strategy that results in conversions.

“We wrote this book because so many law firms are either entirely ignoring the Hispanic market or making so many mistakes that their efforts are basically useless,” said Fragkouli. “They either don’t know how much promise this market holds for them, or they don’t know how to engage properly.”

The authors say many law firms struggle unnecessarily to reach potential Hispanic clients or engage in misguided efforts that risk alienating people.

“At worst, their marketing is so tone-deaf that it not only fails to generate new leads, it actually turns away people who may have decided to hire them in the future,” said co-author Levy. “Those people will remember that disappointment and simply take their business elsewhere.”

“Beyond Se Habla Español” will publish July 13. Advance copies are available for members of the media, as are interviews with the co-authors.

About the authors and Nanato Media

Natalie Fragkouli is an MBA with more than 10 years of experience serving firms that need help marketing to the Hispanic American demographic. Liel Levy grew up working in a family-owned business that became one of the country’s largest Hispanic legal brands. Together, Fragkouli and Levy co-founded Nanato Media with the goal of helping law firms run relevant, expert campaigns targeting local Hispanic markets. By leveraging the power of Nanato Media, law firms have access to their own team of multicultural marketers to execute cost-effective and successful efforts.

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