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The “FIRST EVER NFT SOCCER TEAM”, Your Ticket To Success In The Nft Space

Center District, Israel, 29 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has seen its users exchange more than $10 billion worth of non-fungible tokens on the trading platform, as of today. The platform launched in beta in December 2017 and broke into the mainstream earlier this year amidst the NFT hype. Nft is grabbing headlines everywhere and introducing the world to a brand-new era of digital art and collectibles.
People around the world are extremely overwhelmed with NFTs and the insane level of opportunities this new technology has opened up for them.

The London-based anonymous artist XCOPY has seen more digital artworks sell for millions of dollars on the secondary market. A Coin for the Ferryman, originally sold for 0.5 ETH roughly three years ago, now switched wallets for 1330 ETH or $6.02 million.

A lot of money is transferring hands right now among NFT trades and more and more people are getting richer every day.

projects are selling their NFT for millions of millions of dollars, but

the majority of the participants in the NFT space are constantly

searching for the next project that will pump and the “prices will shoot

for the moon”.

There is one project that joined the industry in August 2021

(According to the project’s Twitter account) and it has all the

ingredients to become the next thing in the field of NFT.

The name of the project is “FIRST EVER NFT CRYPTO PLAYERS” and there’s

already a big buzz around it.

Let’s get a bit of information about this project;

This project is aiming to be the only NFT project that interacts with soccer fans worldwide, sharing the love for soccer.

These player’s artworks are One of a Kind and will not be replicated.

According to the ROAD-MAP that is on the website, the project is aiming to invest back into the community by investing in low-income players and helping them reach their goals. This is something worth noting and highly appreciated by the community.

These are the steps that will lead the creators of this project throughout its lifetime, and it seems that the team has something amazing in-store.

The project will have special community benefits such as Token drops (their own token “1NFT”, the token of the project, which already has a market-cap of 1,217,437$, at the time of writing) and Ultra-Rare NFT’s air-drops for First Ever NFT Holder, a real-life ticket to the first ever crypto player’s match game in their home arena (depends on the first ever crypto you hold), exclusive merchandise for free to lucky winners that holds the first ever crypto players, and more in that regards.

After a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights, the team announced on the social media platforms that they are proud to present the token that will soon take over the NFT community.
every First Ever Nft artwork that is sold, will have a token drop automatically to the same wallet.
As a part of a system that they have implemented into the space of NFT, every user will receive a different amount of Free Drop Tokens, ranging from 1 to 10,000 tokens per drop.
Drops are made randomly and the only thing that makes the amount go higher is the rarity of each NFT that is purchased.
The project is still in the works, and they are expecting some hiccups. They wrote on their website “please bear with us while we are working around the clock in order to make the best Token the NFT space has ever seen”.

The best thing about these NFT’s is that they will have a gaming feature, which is in deep development, schedule in Q2, 2022.

Once you have bought one of the nft’s characters, you can play with it in their own game. The Character will be only yours, and when you are winning a game, by competing with others, you will get airdrops and giveaways as NFT’s and tokens, directly to your wallet.

This is a very good strategy for an NFT holder because when the prices of

the NFT’s of this project will go crazy up, the participants will have more

Pieces in their wallets by playing the game and winning, which will make

them more money.

The social platforms of the project look very nice and clean.

They will have a discussion thread on Twitter and a consultation group on Discord to hear you out and listen to your ideas, if the team will implement one of your ideas, you will receive a drop for free and you will be mentioned in the items description as one of the creators and you will receive a percentage from the first sale!

This project has 1,000 unique blue-chip NFT’s,

The starting price will be 0.045 ETH,

That will be instantly revealed and it will be opened for sell until sold out,

store address on OpenSea:

Sign up to their social platforms:





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