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The Biggest NFT Drop of The Summer Mudbone Labz – Advancing NFTs Through Web3 & Hints of Web4

Mudbone Labz, visionaries creating and revolutionizing the future announce their new first edition NFT drop.

Mudbone Labz’s grand opening nft drop is targeted to collectors, artists, and entrepreneurs who want to take part in the technological advancement of Web3 and Web4.

Until now, the only way to possess a highly anticipated NFT drop was to get whitelisted or use bots. Mudbone Labz is bringing change to the industry with their unique “fair launch.”  In order for NFTs to thrive, CEO Wayne Kerr says, “We must be sure that everyone receives a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of something big, instead of whales and bots controlling projects from the get-go.”

The genius of Mudbone Labz is that they are an innovative forward thinking team that will listen to the community and let them decide what direction they want to lead into the future. Holding a Mudbone will allow you to stay up to date on future plans and gain access to future drops as Mudbone Labz plans to partner with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Dixie Normis, Mudbone Labz’s Chief Marketing Officer says: “Creating technological advancements for the future markets of Web3 and Web4 is our number 1 goal. We believe our first edition NFT drop will be a gateway for the masses and we can’t wait to play our part in the advancement of people’s lives. If Dogecoin is the people’s crypto, then Mudbone is truly the people’s NFT.”

CEO: Wayne Kerr

CMO: Dixie Normis





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