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The #1 Party Band of the 70s, Ikabar Krane, is Back With Their Musical Show: Freedom with Unity, thru the History of Song, Releasing Their Hit Song: Made in America!

The #1 Party Band of the 70s, Ikabar Krane, is Back With Their Musical Show: Freedom with Unity, thru the History of Song, Releasing Their Hit Song: Made in America!

“Giro and Bobby of Ikabar Krane 2022 releases Party”
Diversity, Freedom, Unity, History of Song: Giro, lead singer of the #1 Party Band of the 70’s says: “We need to learn to love-one-another again. It’s time to celebrate Freedom with Unity for all. Our generation fought for diversity and equality over 52 years ago and we need more of it. So, let’s celebrate with the younger generations and show them how to love-one-another!” As the House of Blues reminds us: All is One, Unity in Diversity.

Giro reminds us that: “You can’t have a piano without black and white keys!”

Musical act, Ikabar Krane, out of Long Island, is back from retirement, soon to release their hit show singing Freedom with Unity, thru the History of Song: Made in America!

Preview Music Video: Made in America:

Tear-Jerking Musical Show: Ikabar Krane has the reputation of making magic with its intense harmonies and emotional musical performances. Many still say, “If you were there, you know the magic that was made!” Ikabar Krane, not surprisingly, as the #1 party band of the 70’s, is now out to mend social disharmony with its new hit song: Made in America; singing freedom and unity through the history of song reflecting the progress made by America in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’ and 80’s. Giro says, “We need to remind the young and the old, that we are all equal.” 

Giro narrates and sings medleys reminding us all how we each overcame the adversity and equality struggle in our recent contemporary history. Ikabar Krane teaches us how to love again.

What the world needs now is Love. (1966 Hal David and Burt Bacharach) From the lamenting memories of Abraham, Martin and John. (Dion DiMucci; (1968)), to the lessons with “Blowin’ in the Wind” (Bob Dylan), the Motown classics like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”, and “Turn! Turn! Turn! To Everything There Is a Season” (by the Byrds), the audience is reminded how far we have come, and how far we will continue to go – in America.

Giro reminds us that we have already learned the lessons of growth singing: “There’s battle lines being drawn; Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong;” (“For What It’s Worth 1967″ (Buffalo Springfield) Although, there’s a time for love, a time of hate; a time of war, a time of peace; a time you may embrace; and a time to refrain from embracing. Ikabar Krane recites that “… it’s time for peace – I swear it’s not too late.”

Ikabar also takes us through war and revolutions, with “Young people speaking’ their minds; Getting so much resistance from behind”, singing double entendres from the Gordy label with War, as a protest song about the Vietnam War, but with the need for harmony in our everyday lives. (Edwin Starr – War (“’What is it Good For’” – absolutely nothing, uhuh War I despise ‘Cause it means destruction of innocent lives)”. 

Giro says his lyrics from over 45 years ago tell the story of present turmoil and road to peace and equality: “We taught the younger generation hate, now we have to show them love again”: 

“Music is our lifeline. The Spirit of our Song. Singing the gift of Life; is our Love.“ 

Ikabar Krane: Ikabar Krane was known as the #1 Party Band of Long Island and the east coast. In a party atmosphere they brought people of all backgrounds together and celebrated. The younger generations will experience party celebration with 70’s style songs, harmonies, and go-go dancers in stage performances. Ikabar Krane performed for thousands for WBAB concerts and recorded its WNBC Hometown Album release: “How Do You Treat a Lady”, and later, “Rock N Roll High”, “I am for Real”, “Feelings of Tomorrow”, and now “Made in America.” 

Current members are Giro Manuele on Vocals, Bobbie Luv on Bass, Don Finno on Guitar, K. Darling on Vocals, Keys, Sax, and Bill Burns on Drums; with Special Guest Wayne Schuster on tenor sax (of Blood, Sweat and Tears fame).

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