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Temecula Tree Service Pros Uses Tree Removal to Save Client’s Water Lines from Further Damage


Temecula, California – On Monday, Temecula Tree Service Pros helped Daniel Clarkson remove 2 weeping willows and one American elm. The goal of removing these invasive trees was to keep their roots from causing further damage to the homeowner’s water lines.


“Every 1 month,” said Daniel Clarkson, “the family had to call a plumber to fix damaged water lines. This went on for about half a year before the family discovered the pipe damage was a result of invasive roots. The water-loving roots belonging to the willows and the American elm were pushing against the pipes and cracking them.”

The homeowner noted that to repair the pipes, he was spending at least $1000 every month. In the 6 months that he did not understand what was happening to his pipes, he had already spent $6000.

“Even though the trees were providing shade in the summer,” said Daniel, “the cost of keeping them around was too much. The best way to eliminate damage was to remove the trees.”

The homeowner had reportedly used Temecula Tree Service Pros for other tree care procedures. When he decided to get rid of the 3 trees, all he had to do was contact the tree care company.

To see how Temecula Tree Service Pros makes professional tree care procedures affordable, visit the company’s website:

“For all professional tree services in Temecula,” said Daniel, “the family has always turned to Temecula Tree Service Pros for help. The company has always been fast in responding to requests. When the family called on Sunday evening, the company answered the call in the first ring even though it was a weekend.”

The company reportedly sent a professional to Daniel’s home to assess the invasive trees. After completing the analysis at around 6 pm and providing a cost estimate, the company promised to come back the following morning to remove the trees.

“The Temecula tree removal team arrived on the landscape at around 7 am,” said Daniel. “They were planning to complete the 3 tree removal procedures in a single day. Arriving early gave the company all the time its team needed to complete the procedures safely.”

Temecula Tree Service Pros initiated the tree removal procedure with the American elm. Standing just 7 feet from Daniel’s house, the American elm removal required extreme care to reduce the chances of property damage.

“When working on the American elm,” said Daniel, “the team used a bucket truck to reach the tree crown. This allowed the team to prune the tree and bring down the cut branches without touching the family’s house. The branches had to be removed to ensure the tree fitted in the narrow open space when it was dropped.”

“Before cutting the American elm’s base with its power cutting tools,” added Daniel, “the Temecula tree removal team hooked it to the crane. This allowed the team to control the tree’s falling direction.”

According to Daniel, the weeping willows were much easier to remove. Standing far from any utilities, the trees did not need a complicated procedure to bring down.

“After removing the trees,” said Daniel, “the company immediately initiated the stump removal. The company removed all the roots causing pipe damage.”

Temecula Tree Service Pros reportedly completed the tree removal project at around 4 pm, after 9 hours of hard work. Before leaving Daniel’s home, the company cleaned the landscape and put all the waste in its trucks.

“The company suggested the best non-invasive tree species to plant in the spaces created by the tree removal procedure,” said Daniel. “The family will start planting these trees next month.”

Temecula Tree Service Pros base of operation is located at 32120 Temecula Pkwy #1029, 92592 Temecula, CA, United States. Homeowners can contact the company via +1 951-468-9475 and [email protected]

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