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Taking Navigation Indoors with Startup, Nearmotion

Nearmotion helps increase customer engagement through advanced technology.

Digitization has drastically improved the quality of living especially in countries that are early adopters of technology. To name a few, technology has paved the way for automating data bases and increasing transparency among governments and companies through websites. Moreover, navigation and GPS applications are also notable innovations at present. Gone are the days when people had to ask around for directions or carry a map with them. As long as someone has access to data or a wireless network, directions are readily available at the tiny screens of mobile phones or tablets.

Realizing how helpful navigation applications are, Nearmotion takes it to the next level by taking navigation indoors. Specifically, they innovated indoor navigation and digital wayfinding solutions to increase customer engagement. It was inspired by how map applications such as Google Maps solve the frustration of losing direction outdoors. But with Nearmotion, they were creatively designed to digitally map and navigate indoor areas such as airports, hospitals, shopping malls, universities, and other big complex buildings.

How does it work? Similar to other applications, a person would need access to a handy gadget. It works largely similar with outdoor navigation applications but with added features. Picture this, through a single platform, users can add floors, define rooms and routes, and easily guide building visitors through their mobile phones. More than providing directions, Nearmotion made it possible to engage with customers through push notifications wherein establishments can offer promos or loyalty programs. The application also has a real time tracking feature that allows users to monitor, set alerts, and respond to incidents.

Nearmotion aims to provide a digital wayfinding solution that is accurate, integrated, has fast implementation, and cost-efficient. By combining these characteristics together, Nearmotion guarantees it clients that their application will not only guide visitors step by step indoors with great precision but will also engage with them through technology. It is a smart solution that can offer great insights to management and customers by creating superior interactive experiences and increasing customer satisfaction.

Technologies like this minimize the frustration of getting lost or simply not knowing where to go in airports, malls, universities, and even hospitals. Directions will become readily available and easily accessible when establishment owners have acquired the services of Nearmotion. This particular innovation is claimed to be the fastest and most efficient way to provide indoor navigation.

Interested building owners or curious users can know more about the technology at their website:

About Nearmotion

Nearmotion is an advanced technology company that provides reliable solutions that take customers’ engagement to a new level. It was established in partnership with the Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures.

Media Contact
Company Name: NEARMOTION
Contact Person: Faisal Alferdos
Email: Send Email
Phone: +966 54 411 1169
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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