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Takeo Tama 2024 Positioning Transcends Joe Rogan, Spotify & CNN Style Controversies For Digital-Music Distribution

Koei • Tama Transaction-Models Prove Useful & Safe Against Cultural Mindset Shifts Which Include Displacement & Removal Outcries Which May Arrive From Competing Platform Creators & Similar

Takeo Tama 2024 Positioning Transcends Joe Rogan, Spotify & CNN Style Controversies For Digital-Music Distribution

The word Takeo Tama uses to differentiate its stance from flocks of competitors who enter the market opportunistically is, “Serious”. Behind this distinction, the Kuneo Koei company which backs brand deployment and expansion says, “Alongside serious, it stands wise to adhere to an even higher standard, especially now.”

Collectively, the Koei • Tama initiative can therefore be stated as, “Serious. Higher. Standards.”

That’s the message heard and seen across the Takeo Tama network and its current consolidation efforts. For the first time in a long while, the Koei • Tama aim of Intellectual-Properties and Licensing will come under internal scrutiny and attempt to correct all of its leaks and flaws for the, “Unknown world,” which continues to develop, attaining properties foreign to its former self, namely in terms of allowable speech, censorship, and content topic discrepancies.

“Its an unknown world with many undesired artifacts clouding the corners where creativity and freedom would normally prosper,” Koei • Tama executives explained, “There was an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation where the Q character put it eloquently to Picard when encountering the Borg, something along the lines of how if you can’t take a bloody nose then go be afraid and crawl under your bed. He reminded the Captain that it’s not safe out there and that while the universe is littered with treasures to satisfy desires both normal and gross, that the Federation needed to understand that at all times, these wonders are not for the timid.”

“We believe that about sums up everything occurring now.”


The newfound initiatives for Takeo Tama moving forward can be understood via four major key-focuses:

• Listen

• Empower

• Learn

• Interact

‣ Listening — Takeo Tama will modify its distribution protocols in real-time to service both its internal ecosystem and the external ecosystems where it places Music to include Freenomic transitions and availability when required.

‣ Empowerment — For the longest time, Takeo Tama did not push its ability to collect alternative-funding from Music-buyers or website-visitors as it solely maintained its interests in the furtherment of its audio-catalogues and Licensing, however; as current events would have it, an increase in the number of people who’ve asked if they may ‘pitch in’ an effort has justified Takeo Tama toward hosting a web-page dedicated to this question. Crowdfunding & Donation information is now prepared and attainable directly from the main Link navigation menus.

‣ Learning — Takeo Tama has no intention of softening its stances regarding Freedom of Art, Expression, or Speech and shall continue to carry on in its tradition of delivering High-Quality, non auto-tune Songs & Soundtracks which at times may contain Lyrical themes and aesthetics which may not be suitable for audiences that prefer a ‘Woke’ or ‘Liberalized’ genre of entertainment.

‣ Interaction — Takeo Tama has never required or collected information from its audience to interact at their websites and the tradition will continue. Takeo Tama believes in Freedom to be, choose, do or otherwise.


Key-Changes during consolidation:

• Internationalization

‣ Where Takeo Tama previously serviced nine countries manually, these departments/teams have been removed and all foreign-language availability will temporarily be handled via Google-Translate. While Takeo Tama has strict policies per the use of third-party integrations within its core framework, this option will allow for further extension of available languages and will allow an observation period of geo-political affairs to transpire, making it easier to transition back to manual servicing once updated International business landscapes regain normality.

• Labeling

‣ Takeo Tama will now, absolutely, not feature its core branding or related company operations within third-party networks such as YouTube or similar. Where it may continue to distribute select-contents, it will no longer directly service the materials distributed as solely per its own behalf. Instead, secondary branding may become prominent to make certain that there are no misunderstandings regarding content created and published per any hubs utilized to distinguish distributions between itself and related publications.

• Viewpoint

‣ “At this point in time, it may be ‘morally’ wrong to ask the audience for ‘anything’. The World maintains uncertain and everything is unknown. Without a doubt, regardless of how positive an individual or company may try to seem, many items keep getting stranger, weirder, like the questioning a viewer might have had after experiencing ‘The Matrix’ back in 1999. No matter what happens or how things go, we wish ‘everyone’ great health, steadfast living, and safety.”

‣ “As for ourselves, if Music survives, find us wherever Songs and Soundtracks prevail.”

‣ “As for the rest, who knows what may come of it all?”


Audiences across the globe are encouraged to visit the Takeo Tama Official website via:


TAKEO TAMA is a Music-entertainment provider, offering a variety of Songs spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune). — All titles are available where Audio is sold and are ready for Licensing in Film, Television, Video-Games and similar productions.


– Any and all communications or distributions in Chinese are for the people of China or of Chinese-descent. Takeo Tama bares no direct affiliations (or associations) to China entities such as ByteDance Ltd., Tencent Holdings Ltd., or the C.C.P. [Chinese Communist Party].

– Any and all communications or distributions in Russian are for the culture, language, and people of Russia and Russian-descent. Takeo Tama has no relationships with the governments, parliaments, or presidents of The Russian Federation or its territories.


KUNEO KOEI is a master sound-recording rights-controller and Music-entertainment Licensor, issuing a variety of titles which includes Songs ranging many genres and styles such as Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit sequences (a.k.a. Chiptune).

About KOEI • TAMA™:

KOEI • TAMA is a creator, distributor, licensing-party, and publisher of interactive-“audio” downloads and streams, primarily marketed for ‘current’-generation console and handheld devices as well as song/music play-providers across the globe.

Media Contact
Company Name: Koei • Tama
Contact Person: Kuneo Koei
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 (224) 600-5608
Country: United States

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