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Taiwan-Based Tranquility Tech Releases All-in-One Virtual Personal Assistant, Social Media, and Video Chat Application

Newly launched web application, Tranquility Meet is mainly a virtual personal assistant that combines the power of social media and video conferencing on one platform

The outbreak of COVID-19 in the fall of 2019 occasioned the beginning of the WFH (Work From Home) trend. Countries, businesses, and organizations that needed to maintain operations had to adopt a new approach to their activities by changing their line of communication and interactions from the usual face-to-face system to using online structures. During these times and after the global lockdown, digital workspaces, social media platforms, personal virtual assistants, and video conferencing tools were valued and highly sought after.

To further cushion and ease the constraints of communicating in the post-COVID-19 era, the Tranquility Taiwan International Community, jointly developed by Taiwan and UK universities, was formed. The community has created Tranquility Meet, an all-in-one virtual personal assistant. Tranquility Meet was tested in 13 countries, and after its success, the community is pleased to announce it to the general public.

“Tranquility is a project developed by universities in the UK and Taiwan as a virtual personal assistant and a brand new private social media. There are several key reasons why Tranquility is popular in Taiwan, and the key is the timing of its release. Tranquility Meet was originally launched in September 2020, shortly after universities and businesses were shut down in most parts of the world due to rising COVID-19 cases, causing many people to stay at home. The platform provides free video conferencing for any purpose, ranging from work to school and much more.”

According to statistics from Statista, social media usage has increased by 21% during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people worldwide had begun using social media, and it is expected to increase to nearly 4.41 billion by 2025. Social media plays an important role in people’s daily lives, prompting marketers and businesses to flock to social platforms to connect with their target customers. However, with the overload of content on social media, the tool’s value for connecting with friends has gradually been diluted.

To let users focus on what their friends are sharing, Tranquility Meet provides a clean, clutter-free interface that helps users interact with the most basic social networking models, as well as an innovative and fresh interface. Tranquility Tech includes news, calendars, photo albums, videos, and other functions. The high-quality content focuses on the user experience, not just to catch the tracker’s attention and share briefly.

For more information, please visit or watch a demo by the Tranquility Team on YouTube.

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