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Tailor Insight Releases Report on ‘The Creator Economy Booming in 2022’

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2022 / Tailor Insight, the Asia based market research institute, has released a report on ‘The Creator Economy Booming in 2022‘. The creator economy is now worth over $100 billion, and experts predict it is just getting started. Many platforms have started to heavily invest in creator marketplaces and creator tools. These tools help make it easier for creators to connect with their audience and collaborate with brands.

As social Apps platforms move more into the e-shopping space, it makes sense to invest in creators who are driving engagement, growing engaged communities, and promoting products. When experts talk about KOLs, experts do not talk about popular people with millions of followers. Even micro-KOLs (those with less than 100,000 followers) can be very effective in influencing people’s purchasing decisions. They have a more engaged and loyal following who trust their opinions. They’re also seen as more relatable and authentic compared to celebrities or mega-KOLs. KOLs, for their part, have helped fuel some of the most expensive NFT purchases ever.

Recruiting On Next-Gen Social Platforms

As Gen-Zers join the workforce, social Apps strategies must shift to meet audiences on their preferred platforms. theming next-gen social platforms such as TikTok for employer branding and recruiting will be critical for both B2C and B2B in 2022. While TikTok videos aren’t heavily branded, they provide a great opportunity to humanize their brand and give talent a behind-the-scenes view of life at their company.

An Emphasis on Mental Health & Burnout Prevention

According to a recent report, 90% of creators have experienced burnout and 71% have considered quitting social Apps altogether. Between ongoing lockdowns, more time spent online, and the pressure to consistently churn out content, the digital burnout is real. In 2021, experts noticed an uptick in creators and brands talking about self-care, setting digital boundaries, and taking breaks. And in 2022, there’ll be more conversations surrounding our relationship with social Apps and how it affects them. Something that should not go out of style is brands being human on social Apps. Consumers are sizing up more than a brand’s products in their social feeds. They are looking at how aligned a brand is to its purpose, mission and social issues. Marketers should lean into this and theme social Apps to showcase their brand’s personality and perspective. Giving back and finding deeper meaning will become important themes in social Apps efforts in 2022. From spotlighting community nonprofits to encouraging donations on Giving Tuesday and beyond, people will see an increase of charitable emphasis on social Apps.

About Tailor Insight

Tailor Insight offers deep insight into industry trends in the financial market. Tailor Insight provides easy and quick solutions that allow customers to capture, monitor, and audit market data from a holistic view down to an individual task on market research and industry trend insights, especially in AI, AR, VR and Blockchain industries.

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SOURCE: Tailor Insight Market Research

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