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SWOPT Offers an Interchangeable Cleaning System

Cleveland-based Company Offers Innovative Cleaning Tools That Feature Easy-To-Switch Parts For Efficient Cleaning and Organized Storing.

Cleveland Cleaning Company sets out to revolutionize the overall cleaning experience with its innovative cleaning tools. Under its brand SWOPT, the company offers a new line of cleaning products that feature replaceable parts for efficient usability and minimalist storage solution.

The self-developed cleaning tools basically comprise a handle and a variety of heads that are connected using a special snap-lock mechanism. Each cleaning head serves a different function. The SWOPT cleaning set includes a wide selection of cleaning heads including push brooms, upright brooms, deck brushes, scrub brushes, dust mops, wet mops, floor squeegees, and window squeegees.

With their snap-lock technology, these cleaning heads can easily be switched over, an action that the company refers to as “swopping”. The handle simply slides into the cleaning head and a tongue-and-groove system instantly secures the two pieces together. The lock is built to ensure that the cleaning head does not twist or loosen while being used. To replace the head, users just need to push the button and the handle slides off.

The handle components come in a choice of premium wood or steel. There are two length options, forty-eight or sixty inches. The sixty inch handle is made with comfort foam sleeves for firm gripping.

Handles and cleaning heads are sold individually but are also available in combinations under the website’s Combo selection.

Another notable feature of SWOPT products is their versatility. The tools are designed for cleaning a wide variety of surface types. Indoors, they can be used for tile, wood, laminate, and glass; while outdoors they are excellent for concrete, wood, and vinyl. This makes the products ideal for just about any room in the house including tough-to-clean areas such as bathrooms, garages, patios, and more.

The cleaning tools are not only beneficial for residential use but are favored by commercial and industrial establishments too. SWOPT is a go-to brand for many cleaning service agencies as well as companies in the hospitality sector, carpentry businesses, workshops, dining establishments, and more.

Cleveland Cleaning Company proves its originality not only in clever terminologies but also in its craftsmanship and ingenuity. The company holds trademark rights to its products having patented them both in the US and in Canada.

SWOPT proudly upholds its commitment to top-quality design and manufacturing. The company assures customers of the reliability of its products by providing a lifetime warranty. Its customer service team can conveniently be reached through phone or the SWOPT website.

Customers also attest to the functionality of SWOPT cleaning tools. “Well built, easy to use, and the handle doesn’t twist loose. The microfiber pad with the outer fringe cleans my floor way better than my old mop.”

In addition to the cleaning heads and handles, the SWOPT cleaning product line also features useful kits and accessories. These include an upright dustpan, indoor and homeowner cleaning kits, and multiple outdoor cleaning kits.

Another highlight of the cleaning toolset is the SWOPT System organizer. This hanging system features a twist-and-lock system and can be affixed onto a wall, over a door, or inside cabinets. The organizer stores both cleaning heads and handles.

All of the company’s products are available for purchase on the SWOPT online store and in select retail shops.

SWOPT is a division of Winston Products LLC. More information about the company and its products can be found on its website,

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