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Sustena Pty LTD Reveals How Smart Homes Can Ensure Better Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

When thinking about smart homes, many people concentrate on the latest innovations in smart home technology. But while these new technologies are important, you also need to consider an equally important aspect of home comfort: indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can affect health, comfort, and productivity, as well as being a ventilation system for molds and pollutants.

Poor indoor air can have a variety of causes, and one common cause is poor ventilation. Ventilation brings in fresh outdoor air and removes stale, polluted air from your home. Without proper ventilation, pollutants can build up quickly indoors. This is particularly true in areas with low natural ventilation, such as basements or bathrooms. You can assess your home’s ventilation by observing whether your windows are open for long periods of time. If they are always shut, you may need to install a better ventilation system.

Smart homes’ indoor air quality is achieved by installing ventilation systems that are triggered by smart thermostats and motion sensors. This increases energy efficiency and improves the overall quality of air within the home or building.

Smart ventilation systems use sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and occupancy. When nobody is around or when the outside temperature drops, sensors will trigger fans to turn on and circulate fresh air through the home or building. The system can be programmed to operate at specific times or with pre-set schedules. This has the dual benefit of improving indoor air quality while saving energy costs.

Where the building has higher occupancy rates such as offices, schools, and retail additional sensors can be installed to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air and deliver fresh air to the occupants when certain levels are reached.

Energy cost is becoming increasingly expensive. The smart switch integrates with other smart sensors and systems to provide efficient energy use. It is also connected to the Internet for remote control, as well as collecting data for analysis. Through energy monitoring, can locate devices, not in use, and switch off when not in use.

These combined systems are designed to assist people in a better quality of life while saving energy and our planet.

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