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Superstar Aaron Paul Sings For Nepal Atop Mount Everest Day

Nepal is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful and spiritual place on Earth. What is not in doubt is that residing within its national boundary is the highest peak on the surface of our planet, that is Mount Everest. There may only be a few small hills in the 5 boroughs of New York City (NYC), but the local New Yorkers will boast that they summit the highest of levels, especially when it comes to the world of finance and media. Hence it is appropriate that New York has officially recognized 29th May to celebrate Mount Everest Day, the anniversary date in 1953 when Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first recorded humans to summit the 29,035 foot peak of Everest.

To commemorate this special recognition of the self-proclaimed most famous city for the undisputed most famous mountain, a public event was held at The Sheen Center in the Noho district of Manhattan. Organized by US Nepal Climbers Association with support from the United Sherpa Association USA, the Nepalese Consulate General of New York (represented by Consul General Bishnu Prasad Gautam) and GPK Foundation (represented by President of US Chapter Somnath Ghimire and General Secretary Chhiring Rapke Lama). Our Collective global alliance was a sponsoring partner, with the presence of its Creator – Dr. Leong Ying, and superstar Aaron Paul performing on stage his newly composed song for Nepal – Sagarmatha (Everest) as the highlight act. Master of Ceremony (MC) was Garima Gyawali, winner of Miss Nepal North America.

GPK Foundation General Secretary Chhiring Rapke Lama (left) with Our Collective Creator Dr. Leong Ying (right) supporting Mount Everest Day
Photographer: Leong Ying (2nd October 2021)

Aaron was a teenage prodigy discovered by world famous television personality Simon Cowell to lead the UK boys band Worlds Apart. With his global brand recognized as a pop icon, Aaron crossed the ocean to become an equally famous fashion icon on this side of the US continent. Hence it is appropriate that a world-renowned celebrity should premiere his song for Nepal at this auspicious day of celebratory festivities for a nation that sits atop our Earth.

After his outstanding and touching performance, which saluted the world-renown mountain, the British pop star was presented and received an award for his contribution, participation, and a letter of appreciation by the US Nepal Climbers Association.


Aaron Paul – A Mountain (Sagarmathaa) Everest – A Song For Nepal – SoundCloud Link:

c/o 2021

Our Collective Superstar Aaron Paul singing for Nepal
Photographer: Leong Ying (2nd October 2021)

The occasion would of course not be appropriate without the presence of Nepalese Sherpas and record-breaking climbers that has conquered Mount Everest, including Vanessa O’Brien the first woman to ascend to the highest (Mount Everest) and lowest (Challenger Deep) points on Earth. The City and State of New York recognized their lofty accomplishments through citations delivered by the first South Asian State Assemblywoman – Jenifer Rajkumar.

Dignitaries and speakers on stage included: Gale Brewer (Manhattan Borough Deputy President), Rhonda Binda (Queens Borough Deputy President), Dr. Sima Karetnaya (US Ambassador of Health to the United Nations), Dileep Kumar Thankaapan (Secretary General of the United Nations World Religious Committee), Dr. Anthony Andrews (Queens District Democratic Leader), Shekar Krishnan (Democratic Nominee of NYC District 25 Councilmember), Steven Raga (Executive Director of Woodside on the Move), Passang Nima Sherpa (President of US Nepal Climbers Association), Tshering Sherpa (President of United Sherpa Association USA), Urgen Sherpa (Former President of United Sherpa Association USA), and Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar (Social Activist).

State Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar (far right) beside Nepalese Consul General Bishnu Gautam and GPK Foundation President Somnath Ghimire recognizing Mount Everest Day and Everest Climbers
Photographer: Leong Ying (2nd October 2021)

Outstanding Performance Award & Letter of Appreciation. Awarded to British Pop Singer Aaron Paul @aaronpaulmusic by US Nepal Climbers Association.
(2nd October 2021)


Our Collective – Sagarmatha – Song For Nepal – YouTube Link:

Aaron Paul – A Mountain (Sagarmathaa) Everest – A Song For Nepal – THE SHEEN CENTER, NYC. (10/2/2021):


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