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Studio KHORA is on a Mission to Elevate Contemporary Architecture as an Art Movement

Studio KHORA is on a Mission to Elevate Contemporary Architecture as an Art Movement

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 23, 2021 – If you were to think of it, we are surrounded by the works of various New York architects. There are buildings in different styles and from diverse architectural eras. Studio KHORA, a Top 50 Costal Architect in the USA, set out on a mission to make contemporary architecture more popular and appreciated. For us contemporary architecture is an innovative and fresh artistic expression for residential design.

Alex Penna, the Studio KHORA’s design leader urges that “We are on a mission for contemporary design to become an art movement”. Contemporary architecture should embrace a more challenging approach to contemporary art and be an integral part of it. After all contemporary architects who are dedicated to this vision do their utmost to come up with ground-breaking designs and if you check out some of Studio KHORA’s creations you will surely agree that they are indeed works of art.

For instance, the project Ocean Six Terraces, is a new construction comprising 6 townhouses. These townhouses have a unique shape. Just like language, the design of these townhouses can be seen as being quite unique. We surely all agree that architecture is not just about style, but it is a language as well. Through the design of buildings, architects also communicate in their own way and they deliver a message with regards to what they had in mind, what they think and sometimes even how they feel. Just as Mies van der Rohe says, “Architecture belongs to the epoch”, and hence it needs to reflect the needs of people in a progressive manner.


Like other significant Sydney architects, our design concept is rooted in the principles of the Deconstruction Philosophy, as argued by Jacques Derrida. It is also based on psychology theories from Jacques Lacan, since we also feel that symbolic structures formulate the visual field of the Imaginary, and as a result architecture involves a linguistic dimension. We are constantly questioning how to deconstruct or fragment the mainstream ideas of architecture, and then move on to finding a way to reconstruct these concepts to something more distinctive and exclusive, original and creative, so that it may bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

Based on the inspiration acquired from the famous photograph by Andreas Gursky Rhein II, Penna made it a point that the Ocean Six design is a reflection of this. Rhein II is a photograph by German visual artist Andreas Gursky, from back in 1999. The front facade of Ocean Six and the landscape design of this project are quite simply exquisite and unique and inspired by this photograph. You can feel a sense of peacefulness from Rhein II, and this is also reflected in the approach used in the Ocean Six design, whereby the architect made sure to bring tranquility and harmony to the environment. The protective buffer offered by the ocean and the surrounding natural setting surely manage to offer this.


Studio KHORA also assisted Green Park Group, a multibillion-dollar development business in Canada, in verifying if the project would be profitable. The purchase of the land needed to be taken into account while studying how many units would ideally be developed and what would be the return on investment before proceeding.

The feedback that was acquired was incredible. All 6 units for the townhouses were pre-sold at the primary stages of construction. The Return on Investment proved to be above 50%. We feel that this demonstrates that there is a strong desire from end users to opt for a contemporary place to live in as it can offer them a unique approach to living.


Studio KHORA has its genesis from Rex Nichols Architects, a Top 50 Coastal Architectural firm in the United States for the past six consecutive years by Ocean Home Magazine.

Our primary focus is to provide CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURAL & INTERIOR DESIGN for luxury waterfront homes in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, Bahamas, Australia, and Dubai.

Previously known as Rex Nichols Architects, founded in 1985, RNA achieved world-wide recognition and 11 American Institute of Architects awards.

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Contact: Alex Penna / +1 (800) 952-1044

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T: +1 (800) 952-1044

[email protected]
T: +1 (800) 952-1044 

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