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Stockton Tree Experts Boosts Property Value by Over 25% with Professional Tree Trimming


Stockton, California – After his business in Texas started gaining traction, Mr. Julius decided to leave Stockton for good and move closer to his new company. However, moving to Texas meant that he needed a new home. To afford his new home, the entrepreneur decided to sell his current home in Stockton. 


“The family thought that selling the home in Stockton would be something easy,” said Julius. “You call a realtor; they evaluate the property and then give you a buyer. However, the problem is that when the first realtor came to the landscape, he gave the family an extremely low price.” 

Julius noted that after checking with several real estate agents and getting the same cost estimate, the homeowner decided to figure out what could be reducing the cost of his property that much. He told a group of reporters that he already knew the property was worth much more. 

“In addition to knowing that the property had a much higher value than was being quoted,” said Julius, “the new home in Texas had an incredibly high price. Therefore, the family had to get as much money as possible from selling the Stockton home.” 

After talking to several homeowners who had successfully sold properties in Stockton City, Julius realized that the reason he was not getting the monetary value he deserved from his property was that his trees were a mess. 

“One homeowner pointed out that trees on a landscape are more like hair on someone’s head,” said Julius. “If one is going to a job interview, messy hair, irrespective of how well-dressed he or she is, can lower his/her value to the interviewer. The homeowner recommended tree trimming to change the appearance of the property.” 

When Julius asked for recommendations for a good tree trimming team in Stockton, most of the homeowners he talked to recommended Stockton Tree Experts. When the homeowner contacted the company for the first time, he was impressed with its quick responsiveness.

“Stockton Tree Experts came out to inspect the trees on the landscape on the same day the family called its office,” said Julius. “The cost estimate was very affordable – even though the Stockton tree trimming team would be working on more than 20 trees, the company did not force the family to break its bank account. When the family gave the company a go-ahead, the tree trimming procedure was initiated the next day very early in the morning. It took the company just 3 days to trim the trees and transform the appearance of the entire landscape.” 

The homeowner told reporters that after the tree trimming procedure, the homeowner invited a real estate agent to estimate the monetary value of the property. The homeowner was surprised to see the total price of the home increase by over 25%. 

To see how Stockton Tree Experts helped a homeowner improve his new home, read this story:

“Before the tree trimming procedure,” said Julius, “the highest price the family had received was $300,000. However, after working with Stockton Tree Experts, the price increased to $379,000.”

The homeowner noted that the 25+ percent increase was very surprising to him. He noted that he had only spent $10,000 on the tree trimming procedure. He had expected the property to add about $20,000 at most. However, the simple tree maintenance procedure multiplied his expected increase by 4. 

“The family cannot thank Stockton Tree Experts enough,” said Julius. “Moving to Texas with $379,000 in the bank account allowed the family to finance its new home in the new state. Now, the family will concentrate on improving the business and ensuring the new company reaches its maximum potential.”

Stockton Tree Experts is accepting new tree service requests. Homeowners can visit the company’s offices at 1503 St Marks Plaza, Stockton, CA 95207, United States. Busy homeowners, however, can contact the company via +1 209-340-8642 and [email protected]

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Phone: 209-340-8642
Address:1503 St Marks Plaza
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