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Stick2Hope Surprises People with Diabetes with Game-Changing Overlay and Underlay Patches

A diabetic started a company for diabetics offering overlay patches printed with bold and colorful themes perfect for their wearable medical device.

There are personal battles that most people will never know. One of the biggest one being a lifetime with diabetes. Managing it is certainly challenging as one would always need to watch what they eat and keep track of their blood sugar levels. Therefore, people living with diabetes have to stick their fingers and give themselves insulin shots a couple of times a day. Mike Chiodo, who was diagnosed with diabetes in his early twenties shares similar experiences and frustrations. This diagnosis compelled him to innovate and establish Stick2Hope to help those who are facing the same battle.

Today, Mike changed his lifestyle and manages his disease day by day. He believes that others can do the same. He wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor to assist with controlling his diabetes. These incredible, lifesaving devices should be worn proudly.
Stick2Hope patches were created to support this technology and allow diabetics to be expressive.

Mike believes that people can accentuate these devices with an overlay patch and show it off in a unique, entertaining way. Doing so generates good vibes, ultimately fostering the idea that those who have diabetes can still live a successful and fulfilling life.

Stick2Hope offers overlay patches designed to maintain the integrity of their wearable medical device. It is applied over the manufacturer’s tape, giving the device additional security while also maintaining the flexibility of the skin. There are a ton of positive reviews on the website at with customer testimonials supporting how overlay patches are bold and beautiful whereas the underlay patches provide a protective barrier between the device and skin. Some even say that they are a total game-changer. “I loved the idea of being able to add something to make it a little more fun! These underlay skin patches have really been a lifesaver,” shared one of its customers on its Facebook page.

The best time to apply or replace the overlay patch is when the device session ends. Though, people can change it up by carefully removing the existing overlay and replacing it with something more fitting. They can choose a patch to match the color of the shirt they are wearing on a particular day or even a special occasion. With Stick2Hope, people living with diabetes can casually spice up their life with fun overlay patches. It is their personality worn on their body while bringing awareness to diabetes.

About Stick2Hope

Stick2Hope is a company that offers fun, fashionable, and sporty overlay and underlay patches for diabetic people. It was founded in 2019 by Mike Chiodo to empower those living with diabetes to proudly display the technology they wear every day.

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Company Name: Stick2Hope
Contact Person: Mike Chiodo
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Country: United States

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