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Sterling Stock Picker’s ‘Future-proof’ Innovative Stock Selector Wins Software ‘Oscar’

Calgary, Alberta, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sterling Stock Picker, a unique technology that gives investors of all skills and backgrounds the chance to develop their ideal stock portfolio, has won a top award at this year’s business software “Oscar” ceremony.

The judges at this year’s Software as a Service (SaaS) awards, deemed by many as the software equivalent to the Academy Awards for movies, named Sterling Stock Picker as the winner in the category “Best SaaS Product for Financial Services.” The judges in particular highlighted how the software helps to develop smart, economically resilient stock plans.

“At the SaaS Awards, we were really impressed with Sterling Stock Picker’s innovative approach to investing in financial services. Sterling Stock Picker provides that expert level of stock analysis and combines it with future-proof technologies, such as machine learning, which ultimately takes the stock industry forward,” said Lead Judge Christopher Southall.

Southall added, “We at SaaS Awards recommend Sterling Stock Picker due to its impressive results, which outperform the market averages. Well done, Sterling Stock Picker!”

The SaaS Awards focus on recognizing excellence and innovation in software solutions, and the nominees and winners in each category were selected by a panel of international experts.

Jaden Sterling created Sterling Stock Picker, and the unique technology is deployed through the company’s in-house application North Star. It’s possible for anyone to use this technology to curate their perfect stock portfolio, regardless of their experience with shares, the amount of money that they have to invest, the level of risk they can accept, and more.

The stock selection software relies on 11 metrics that the most skilled investors analyze when buying and selling shares, feeding that data into North Star in order to produce reliable results on when to buy, sell, watch or hold individual stocks in an easy-to-learn format.

Sterling said, “There’s no greater honor or recognition for our Sterling Stock Picker than to win the award for Best SaaS Product for Financial Services. The SaaS awards are our industry’s Oscars, and to get such warm recognition at the highest levels is an overwhelming feeling.”

In the last four years, Sterling Stock Picker has enjoyed constant growth with strong results for its clients, which helps to explain why it continues to expand in use across  North America.

James Williams, Head of Operations for the Cloud Awards, said: “Sterling Stock Picker is a worthy winner of the SaaS Awards, offering something truly and effectively stand-out in an incredibly competitive category.”

He added, “Every year, we take pride in assessing our candidates’ compelling solutions and performance. The evolution and progress of submissions go only one way: up. Every edition of this business software ‘Oscars’ sees progressively exciting innovations as we face the increasing challenges and changes of the modern world.”

Sterling Stock Picker is currently in the process of acquiring an online education company to further educate its subscriber base and add revenue. When asked about the future of the company, Sterling shared, “We continue to develop and test stock price prediction formulas to further enhance our offerings. Our software iterations are aligned with making investing simple and easy. Our strategy is to take our company public in early 2025, and our goal is to bring Wall Street to Main Street”.

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Jaden Sterling

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