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Starting her Mindset Coaching business, Allison Noelle an NYC Teacher and Author inspires people as living testimony of effective mind, body connection.

Motivating the Mindset offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, motivational speaking and more.

Daily life struggles can be overwhelming for any average American to handle. It is easy to get side-tracked, lose focus, and forget what truly matters in life. Finding one’s true purpose in the world while staying on track to finding happiness is not an easy task. It is achievable according to Mindset Coach Allison Noelle. To change your life for the better, Allison believes the body and mind must be aligned to insure a balanced life. After spending years on her own personal journey and self-worth, she has impressively dedicated her life to motivating others to do the same.

Allison is not only a mindset coach and mentor; she has been an educator for the NYC DOE for the past ten years. Making the conscious decision to change her mindset has helped not only in her professional life, but also in her personal life enhancing her ability to evolve into her true self. When asked about how to live a life of true happiness, Allison replied, “When I figured out how to live a life of freedom and gratitude, I knew I had to help others level up their lives as well.”

Allison continues to learn and better herself everyday through balanced lifestyle choices and mindful routines. Her journey has been ever growing as she published a book for teens “A Motivational Reset for the Mindset” to help them become the best version of themselves. Allison is also the business owner of Motivating the Mindset LLC where she offers multiple coaching services and motivational speaking. It is her great pleasure to level up her coaching through a new group program, 8 Week “Mindset Accelerator”. She’s currently developing a book for adults to help them improve their mindset.

More information about her pursuits, and services she can be found at

About Allison Noelle Megherian

Allison Noelle is a mindset coach and speaker who founded Motivating the Mindset to help people unblock daily life challenges and work together to find their purpose. Based in New York, she is empowering both kids and adults to connect their mind, body, and soul to create a purposeful life of their dreams.

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