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SonoAsh Partners with Global Leader in Industrial Hemp-based ‘Negative Carbon’ Cement Products

World of Coal Ash 2022, Covington, KY

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COVINGTON, Ky. – May 17, 2022 – (

In conjunction with the World of Coal Ash Conference, SonoAsh Engineered Materials Ltd. of Maryland (SonoAsh) is pleased to announce, in partnership with BrightMa Farms of South Carolina (BrightMa), an industry-leading collaboration to develop carbon-negative building materials (green cement) that address the global building products industry requirements for low carbon materials. 

BrightMa is a vertically integrated, minority-owned and veteran-managed industrial hemp group with corporate offices in Charleston, SC. Beginning in 2018, BrightMa has been developing a cluster of global technology companies to maximize the value of hemp and create a new value engine for farmers.  

SonoAsh is a process engineering company leveraging six (6) granted patents, creating a low carbon, engineered, green cement matrix of products for numerous applications. When combined with a carbon neutral/negative manufacturing material like industrial hemp, a unique starting point for an additional impactful global product development program is enabled.

Every new structure has a carbon cost; the materials used in that project to go from concept to completion are defined as ‘upfront carbon’ emissions.  A focus on integrating hemp waste into high-performance cement applications will prioritize emissions reduction at the materials’ input level, representing an innovative ‘Ag-Tech’ and industrial technology collaboration.

BrightMa is excited to enter into this collaboration program with SonoAsh as part of BrightMa’s growing hemp cluster. Industrial hemp refinement, from genetics to processing, promises carbon-negative plastics for our various vertical industry partners. A SonoAsh collaboration adds enhanced performance building products that support our work to reduce the planet’s carbon emissions while building opportunities for rural and farming communities,” said Harold Singletary, CEO of BrightMa Farms. 

This agreement represents the type of new thinking required to create generational reductions in upfront carbon emissions and further establishes SonoAsh as a strategically placed process innovation company. No other upcycling, waste to value process demonstrates both a positive impact on the legacy environmental issues associated with waste coal ash and the new requirements for green building materials,” said Bruce Sifton, President of SonoAsh.  

This is an important step on a long and important industrial GHG reduction path using multiple-sourced industrial waste materials, normally landfilled. As industries drive to net zero 2050, more collaboration between coal power utilities and their waste, the building products and ‘Ag-Tech’ industries with decarbonization technologies like the SonoAsh innovation approach are required. SonoAsh welcomes all collaboration opportunities building its green technology network. 

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SonoAsh Partners with Global Leader in Industrial Hemp-based 'Negative Carbon' Cement Products

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