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Someone’s Grandma Competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments

The YouTube streaming reality TV show travels to feature a 73-year-old fighter from Alabama

August 24, 2022 – As people age, it’s common to fall into the comfort of a predictable, easygoing lifestyle. But a new episode by Mat Made shows viewers that life is about learning for the long haul. Grandma and martial artist Elaine Wynn Beiersdoefer is dedicated to learning something new three days a week. Since age 69, those days have gone to training martial arts.

“I don’t think the good Lord expected us to just coast through the last years of our life,” says Beiersdoefer, “we need to get up and go do something!” The legend (nicknamed “Jiu Jitsu Grandma” on Instagram) is now a Blue Belt under Kaliffa Oliveira at Gracie Barra Pelham. The fighter still trains and competes in tournaments around the country. “I like fighting and I know that’s odd for somebody my age.”

Mat Made is a reality TV show traveling the country to tell stories of how Jiu Jitsu has changed peoples’ lives. Viewers subscribe and follow content creator Kenny Kim on adventures to find great food and incredible stories of redemption nationwide. Recently meeting and recording with “Jiu Jitsu Grandma” Elaine Beiersdoefer inspires viewers and Mat Made producers to reevaluate what it means to live life fully.

Mat Made films to share the beauty of Jiu Jitsu from all angles. The sport is an art, and it’s obvious that nearly anyone can do it, young or old. Jiu Jitsu can help those who practice overcome PTSD and depression, for example, proving how it serves both the mind and body. Thanks to empowering stories like that of Elaine Beiersdoefer, Mat Made’s YouTube reality TV audience can feel capable again of getting fit and feeling happy.

About Mat Made

Founder of Mat Made Kenny Kim is a Black Belt under Gracie Jiu Jitsu Master and Muay Thai Kickboxer Eddie Camden. After over 20 years of honing the craft and skill of Jiu Jitsu, Kim now inspires viewers with real-life stories about success in martial arts. Kim also owns Kenny Kim BJJ Academy, a premier fitness and self-defense center for all ages with cutting-edge facilities and a family-friendly atmosphere.

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Company Name: Mat Made
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Phone: +1-404-500-6570
Country: United States

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