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Smile Project Louisville Expanding Nationally as Word Spreads of Mission

Louisville, KY, USA – May 25, 2021 – Never underestimate the power of a smile. Sometimes a single smile can change the trajectory of uncountable lives. One example of this truth is found in the story of Michael Ray, the founder of Smile Project Louisville. Tens of thousands of people know who Michael Ray is today thanks to social media, but it wasn’t always that way.

Michael Ray has been helping create smiles locally in the Louisville, KY area for the past several years via the Smile Project Louisville. The project was born one day after an unexpected smile shared in a Wendy’s drive through. Michael, who had been going through incredible challenges in his personal life, was shown a smile, that ultimately changed many people’s lives in the years that have followed.

Smile Project Louisville’s efforts are ramping up beyond the Louisville area thanks to the power of social media and the way the smiles are positively impacting all involved. The first group affected are those who give and receive the gifts directly. The project allows anonymous donors via the Smile Project Louisville Website to donate small monetary gifts that Michael Ray distributes to those in the community in need. When the gifts are handed out, the moment is captured in a heartwarming manner in photos and video. Then the second wave affected by the project are those who see the photos and watch the videos on social media. Originally these exchanges were simply done locally however that has changed this past year. With visits to both coasts in the past few months, the Smile Project Louisville is gaining steam and has grown to a national campaign.

The project allows people to “pay it forward” by donating gift cards that Michael Ray and his team distribute to a deserving member of the community. Part of the fun is that the person who receives the gift shoot a photo or a selfie style video with Michael and that is then shared on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

With the expanding national footprint of Smile Project Louisville, comes an interesting opportunity for businesses who want to get involved. Michael Ray for the first time is considering taking on corporate sponsors. The growing popularity of helping shine positivity through grass roots style project will allow businesses with the mind to jump in and get involved help to fund the projects efforts and raise their visibility. Anyone interested in joining Smile Project Louisville as a corporate sponsor should reach out to Michael Ray directly on the contact page of their website.

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