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Sibedge reinforces its Squads Product Development service with an expert big data solution

Sibedge, a globally distributed software engineering company, is introducing a way to accelerate product development service with DataWare House, a big data integration solution designed to store and process the data with maximum flexibility. Now, organizations can empower their data teams across data analytics to work on a single source of truth for data and complement their digital transformation projects with additional custom modules to create a next-level data management and integration experience.

Over the past few years, Sibedge has been witnessing increased demand in big data processing acceleration. Customers wish to make it a seamless process. The fact that the data can be drawn into the storage from different sources poses an issue at the moment. On top of that, if a company aims at making its analytics smarter, it calls for time and hiring data analysts investments.

For the companies pursuing smarter data management, Sibedge offers custom Squads development service empowered with the customizable solution. Squads service encompasses autonomous self-managed, cross-functional teams able to provide a state-of-the-art product design and development experience quickly and efficiently. Now, Squads service with a smart DataWare House solution is able to aggregate data from various sources and then provide a quick integration with a BI system or other analytical tools.

With DataWare House, Sibedge is now able to create a customized data storage to help businesses like ecommerce, telecommunication or any other organizations deal with big data and its analysis remove collection, storing and data processing challenges. It stands out from the other tools available on the market with its speedy data processing, error fixing expert help and wide integration possibilities. The solution also boosts the company’s cost-efficiency allowing it to save on hiring in-house DevOps and data engineering teams.

Sibedge DataWare House is instrumental in situations when the amount of data exceeds a threshold that the currently used storage engine can handle or when the number of data sources exceeds the client’s ability to manage this data. The solution can also be helpful for AB tests integration as it requires a big amount of high-quality data. With the help of DataWare House, customers can also build streaming analytics. It supports integration with the majority of the database systems like Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Vertica, ClickHouse etc.

“After a certain stage of product development, there comes a point when new features do not fuel further growth of key metrics. Here comes a need for a strong analytical team that will help the business correctly interpret the collected data. Sibedge is the company that provides assistance to analysts by customizing DataWare House for their needs.” Sergey Khakhulin, Senior Software Engineer

“DataWare House is a practical way to accelerate product development with faster big data processing. It is an example of the incremental amplification of the services. To meet the market needs, companies like Sibedge go for one-stop offers that combine services and products. This is a manifestation of the service as the product approach Sibedge abides by. We are proud to claim that with its help, a company can speed up a digital transformation process of any organization.” Seva Morotskiy, Chief Technology Officer at Sibedge


Sibedge is a globally distributed software engineering company that puts people first. For over 15 years, we have successfully implemented over 350 projects across more than 27 countries. With headquarters in Australia and teams of highly-trained engineers around the world, Sibedge delivers high-value services to empower clients digital transformation and strengthen clients’ software solutions. Sibedge service architecture combines both product- and project-minded development disciplines. The service architecture offers five services that have an agile partnership at their core. Sibedge brings together expertise of over 200+ professionals in 6+ locations in the Australia, USA, Armenia, Turkey and other Eastern European locations.

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