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Sibedge launched new service architecture to help businesses thrive in a dynamic and uncertain environment

Cupertino, United States – September 27, 2021 – Sibedge, a globally distributed software engineering company, has launched an enhanced service architecture that allows clients to reduce the level of uncertainty while creating custom software. The solution is aimed at improving clients’ operations and opening new markets. 

The new architecture offers market wisdom as a prepackaged service and combines both product- and project-minded development disciplines. It helps clients quickly take advantage of digital innovations and overcome disruptions caused by high levels of market uncertainty, talent crunch, and lack of expertise. 

The disruptions tend to happen when re-architecting and enhancing enterprise systems, software solutions, and software development. The key service market challenge is that these disruptions are now the norm rather than the exception. Being a software development company, Sibedge is witnessing a rise in the speed of changes and demand for agile partnerships in the IT service market. This phenomenon is confirmed by Sibedge’s experience and opinions of leading IT companies. 

As a response and a solution, Sibedge adopted a Service-as-a-Product model to enhance its service architecture with a product mindset and relevant disciplines. The architecture now offers five services that have an agile partnership at their core: Team Extension, Managed Agile Team, Agile Software Development, Software Product Development and Design, Product Development Strategy. 

The architecture solves the disruptions by supporting the customers over the whole cooperation period. The main criterion when choosing the service is how it matches the client’s goal in the present. In the changing circumstances, Sibedge adapts the partnership strategy with the clients and navigates them through the service portfolio while staying within the commitment. 

IT services companies ensure delivery quality by having designated roles such as account managers, delivery managers, resource managers, and stack managers. These roles are rigid and lack adaptability. Sibedge overcomes this issue with its architecture. In Sibedge services, project roles are defined by the client’s needs and can be adapted. If the circumstances require a new role or expertise, the architecture provides it in an agile manner. Any role can be created to help customers reach their goals.

“Application modernization and development is a crucial and fast-expanding piece of the digitally-driven transformation. As market uncertainty rises, the upheavals during the project period happen more and more often. We believe it is time for the combination of a project and product mindsets to come to the fore,” says Alexander Kalinin, Chief Executive Officer, Sibedge. “A service company with a product-centric mindset focuses on the revenue rather than on cost-saving and risk mitigation. It hinges on the responsibility for the solution value, unlike a project-centric company that puts project realization first. Such company can fail but it bounces back from the failures really fast and neglects their cost, assuming that achieving desirable outcomes matters more. Product-minded agile development is the approach that helps win clients’ trust and solve complex business problems. In the new normal, we have to put up with the changes and adapt our practices and mindsets.”

About Sibedge

Sibedge is a globally distributed software engineering company that focuses on a business transformation and puts people first. It combines innovative technology vision with clients’ business objectives to help them have a smooth digital transformation. For over 15 years, it has successfully implemented 350+ projects across 27 countries. The offices are located in the USA, Australia, and Russia.

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