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Shift Your Parenting Paradigm From Fear to Love, and Become a Confident, Inspiring, and Empowering Leader to Your Family With Paula Kettula’s Transformational Parenting Program

“There needs to be a huge shift in the way we relate to children, the way we view them, and the way we parent them.”

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2021 / Transformational coach and therapist Paula Kettula is empowering parents to become confident, be influential, and empowering leaders in their family through her unique 6-month program. Paula believes that leadership is the most effective and fastest way to transform families from feeling like they’re just trying to somehow survive life, to experiencing deep satisfaction, joy, love and fulfillment, and actually thriving!

Paula’s Transformational Parenting Program is a proven, time-tested methodology that gives parents the opportunity to create exceptional relationships with their children, live a vision-driven life and be able to meet their children’s needs without being triggered, stressed or overwhelmed resulting in a peaceful, joyful, and loving family environment.

Today’s child development experts know that there are effective strategies that help support the healthy development of children-and there are common ones that don’t.

Many parents all over the world practice fear-based modalities in the home. These strategies include consequences and rewards, intimidation/threats, physical discipline, and more. While these strategies may look like they work on the surface level, they’re only successful short term. The bottom line is that they damage the relationship between parents and children, and they do not teach children intrinsic motivation, independence, and a sense of agency.

Parents cannot have a positive influence on their children using fear and controlling methods. “The number one factor that causes children to do well in life, in school, in relationships, social settings, and as leaders is attachment.”

Paula wants every parent to understand that parenting is about the relationship and attachment they have with their children. Creating a deeply connected and trusting relationship where the child feels safe, seen, and heard is key-and she’s made it her mission to transform how parents relate to their kids.


By removing the old-school ideology of “I’m the parent, you’re the child. You must listen to me.”

According to Paula, parents have the opportunity to feel fulfilled in their parenting role, and create exceptional relationships with their kids by being loving and inspiring leaders. Without leadership, many parents end up repeating the ineffective parenting patterns they’ve learned as a child, causing families to be stuck in disconnection, stressed and overwhelmed.

Parents have a huge responsibility and an opportunity to shift the world at large through raising children in love and compassion. The kids whose needs are met grow up peaceful, altruistic and ready to face the world-embracing who they were born to be and feeling empowered to step into it.

However, this responsibility doesn’t begin or end with taking on the role of a parent. “Every single adult is a parent to every single child in this world. We all get to take on that responsibility.”

Paula believes that, “We are the guardians of their souls,” which means we get to treat children with love, dignity and compassion. Paula urges everyone to recognize the nobility of their soul instead of treating children as “less than” by marginalizing them and rendering them powerless with fear based parenting methods. “We get to do whatever it takes to launch kids successfully into the adult world, to support them in becoming who they are meant to be, not who we want them to be.”

It’s a huge vision that Paula feels a calling to see through-and she’s holding this vision for parents who want to shift the way they parent their children.

Upgrade Your Parenting Paradigm with Paula Kettula

Paula Kettula is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, and transformation coach. She has been in the field of mental health for over 20 years, working with individuals, couples, families and children to restore a sense of wellbeing and harmony.

Today, she takes on the role of transformational coach, guiding her clients to re-discover their authentic selves in order to embody the limitless love, energy, abundance, compassion and generosity that humans are at the core and be the example for others.

If you’re ready to transform your parenting style and improve your relationship with your children, join the Transformation Parenting Program today.

Is being on different pages as parents negatively impacting your kids and your relationship? If so, click HERE to access Paula’s free gift that reveals the 5 BIG mistakes couples make causing them to struggle, how to avoid them, and what to do instead.

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