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SHENOY AUDIO Announces the Release of its flagship SH010 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Shenoy Audio is a boutique manufacturer of guitars, amplifier heads, portable speaker cabinets, and personal audio devices. The brand had announced the debut release of its flagship SH010 wireless headphones on the 10th of December 2021.

The brand, created by GRAMMY Award Nominated Artist, Producer and Audio Engineer Arun Shenoy, emphasizes that the sonic quality of SH010 is attributed to the remarkable graphene diaphragm dynamic drivers with excellent engineering, imparting very accurate and clean sound.

Shenoy Audio’s SH010 utilizes Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology; four unique microphones are actively searching for ambient noises to snuff them, eliminating a broader range of unwanted frequencies compared to standard noise cancellation technologies.

An additional mic ensures crystal clear microphone quality for phone and video calls.

The SH010 headphones are widely regarded among the most versatile noise-canceling headsets of the era. They encompass exemplary comfort rating, excellent battery lifetime, rapid USB-C charging capability, and a distinctive sonic signature.

The brand’s new flagship is a well-rounded headset meant for professional musicians, performers, music enthusiasts, and people who wish to intimately enjoy their favorite music tracks without the obstructions of ambient noises.

A robust set of magnets built into SH010 push the envelope of sound quality, redefining sonic experiences and ensuring even the most minute of audio details are noticeable. At the same time, the premium Bluetooth 5.0 chipset by Airoha provides reliable connectivity at all times.

Shenoy Audio’s SH010 headphones were met with exceptionally positive feedback from dozens of satisfied customers, consumers, and music industry professionals alike.

When I first put on these headphones, I was shocked at how good it sounded, didn’t expect that much because of the relatively low selling price. Highs were sweet and lows very punchy. The high mids are a bit recessed for non-fatigue enjoyment of music, something that people might like. Good wide sound staging, and the ANC works pretty well. Tried using it to make phone calls and was told I sound really nice and clear to the other party. I also like that the unit is light and I sometimes forget I am wearing it. Battery life has been good too. Overall, highly recommended…” – Jerry Chua, GRAMMY Award Nominated Mixing & Mastering Engineer.

The SH010 active noise-canceling headphones have raised the bar of quality for the industry of consumer headsets, setting the standards for sound performance, versatility, battery life, and comfort.

More information about Shenoy Audio and the company’s SH010 can be found on the brand’s official website.

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