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Shades of Blak Studios launches a new art studio in the Tampa Bay Area

From scar cover-up to medical tattooing and scalp micropigmentation, Shades of Blak offers a range of services that provide unique designs and a different approach to the tattooing experience.

Shades of Blak Studios is out to make headway in the industry after launching a new art studio in Tampa Bay Area as it stays committed to bringing unique designs with a modern painterly approach.

Shades of Blak offers scar cover-up using a modern approach, where its artists impressively cover the scar with tattoos that look like paintings, turning it into image individuals want to be seen rather than a scar they would rather hide. Shades of Blak does this through watercolor, palate knife, abstract paintings, or simply diminish the appearance of scars using skin tones.  

Jhonnathan Camacho, a leading artist, says Shades of Blak’s top-rated and highly experienced tattoo artists are both skilled and creative, providing clients with tailored and great advice on how to incorporate the size and structure of the scars into a design that will be a work of art.

Shades of Blak also leads the way in offering Medical Tattooing, an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing which helps improve the aesthetics of a wide array of concerns that had resulted in discolorations, and Areola reconstruction, which offers women an excellent cosmetic outcome through an amazingly realistic image.

In addition, Shades of Blak offers scalp micropigmentation or SMP, a tattooing technique where a pen-like tattoo machine is used to create tiny dots on the scalp that mimic hair follicles. 

Rachel Levinsky, a verified customer, commended Jhonnathan and his team for the incredible experience and artwork.

“Best tattoo experience I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot) Jhonnathan was so wonderful, and he creates the most beautiful work! Highly recommend! I’ll def be back,” Rachel wrote in a review.

On the other hand, Walter Ruiz, another verified customer, described Shades of Blak as one of the ultimate places to go in the area.

“Best experience tread you like family! One of the greatest around Tampa Bay Area,” wrote Walter in a separate review.

Shades of Blak Studios is licensed and has met all the new safety requirements set by the Florida Department of Health. The team assures that its tattoo ink not only passes all health and safety guidelines but is also vegan-friendly. The Vegan Tattoo ink is compliant with all EU quality standards and meets the requirements of the Vegan community around the world.

Solid Ink is made of the highest quality ingredients available by Federico Ferroni, a lifelong tattooer. The team reiterates its commitment to providing clients with the most enduring pigments possible while using natural and safe ingredients.

Those who want to book a consultation may sign up on or send a message directly to the team. Others who wish to learn more about Shades of Blak Studios and its list of services may follow its social channels for more information.

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