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SEUS International Group Limited: STP direct trading model with high leverage and low spreads

As the global financial markets mature, more and more investors are getting involved in financial investment, a global market with huge trading volume and a market that holds wealth.

SEUS International Group Limited is a leading CFD broker, SEUS is committed to being the online trading platform that provides global financial trading services. Relying on the STP direct trading model and high leverage and low spread online trading services to provide investors with comprehensive and secure financial investment solutions, including foreign exchange, precious metals and futures, among others. Customers can easily operate a wide range of financial derivatives through a single account and enjoy one-stop, highly intelligent, secure and stable managed trading.

Spreads are a key cost when trading forex, so low spread platforms are more beneficial to investors. As a platform that can offer ultra-low spreads in the industry, SEUS has a wide range of trading tools that dominate the online trading industry, providing customers with the fastest and most stable execution: low spreads, with spreads starting as low as 0.1. MT5 trading software is one of the more representative ones, with no duplicate quotes, lightning fast trade execution, and an efficient and transparent trading environment that is very popular among investors. MT5 Online trading system software integrates three major functions: market charts, technical analysis and order trading, providing investors with more comprehensive, real-time and convenient financial market services. It is one of the most widely used software in international futures trading.

SEUS online trading platform uses a dealerless STP direct model with non-deal processing (NDD) execution, where all clients’ orders can be traded directly on the international markets and investors can see real-time market prices and have their orders executed immediately, with no processing platforms or dealers intervening in them and complete freedom of trading, providing a fairer trading environment for investors.

Investors who have experience in forex trading understand how important high quality and efficient trading is in the forex market.SEUS offers its clients a high leverage margin ratio service from 1:100 to 1:300 times. SEUS offers Forex leverage trading designed to help investors save on trading costs, using a leveraged trading mechanism that not only reduces trading costs, but also keeps trading risk low.

SEUS International Group Limited enriches the connotation of financial technology, transforms traditional trading methods, marries resources for clients, and connects trading to the world. 

SEUS aims to provide better services to the financial market and offer its clients better trading platforms in the market, therefore SEUS always maintains free account opening, low transaction costs and 7*24 hours online services. It can provide investors with the highest transparency, security and superior trading industry environment, so that SEUS International Group Limited clients can enjoy the best quotes, the best low trading costs and the strongest liquidity.

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