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Serene Candi Wax Announces Body Waxing Services with a Calm Sweetness

Customers get top quality body waxing from a cosmetologist with over 10 years of experience, helping them transform their skin and physical appearance

Philadelphia, PA – Serene Candi Wax is proud to announce its unique offering of body waxing for proper skincare and better health. The company’s team of body waxing experts has many years of experience helping clients achieve their goal of clean, radiant, and healthy skin.

Some of their services include full body waxing, V-steaming, organic skincare, vaginal & intimate skincare, etc. They do waxing for all kinds of customers, including male and female, with different skin types. Every product they use for their waxing is top quality and doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals.

“We are committed to helping the customer to experience waxing with a calm sweetness,” said Aleisia Gordon, CEO of Serene Candi Wax. “Every wax job we have ever done has been top-notch, making it possible for our customers to achieve the skin that is smooth as that of a baby. In addition, we offer our service in a clean and peaceful environment that makes customers want to come back for more.”

Licensed cosmetologist Aleisia Gordon and her Serene Candi Wax team are passionate people who care about the health and wellness of their customers. They pay attention to clients’ needs to help them achieve the waxing that they desired.

Customers need to book an appointment for any waxing they want to do. Serene Candi Wax offers cotton candy Brazilian wax that delays hair regrowth for a very long time. It also removes dead skin cells on the body, leaving the customer with smooth and healthy skin. They also offer full body wax that takes only two and a half hours with a satisfying and rewarding outcome. With their 15 minutes, sour patch underarm wax, customers can say goodbye to razor cuts for a very long time.

Serene Candi Wax offers excellent customer service, ensuring they respond to all the needs and desires of the client. Each waxing project is unique, and they try everything to ensure the customer has a wonderful time while enjoying the waxing experience.

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About Serene Candi Wax

Serene Candi Wax offers body waxing services with a calm effect. They have an experienced staff that uses top quality and safe products to carry out waxing, so customers have a great experience. They also have an online store selling beauty products and a 4-hour waxing certification class.

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Company Name: Serene Candi Wax
Contact Person: Aleisia Gordon
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Country: United States

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