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Save The World, Save The Work: Vittaus Corperate Presents Sustainable Ways Towards Building And Constructions

The Chief Executive Officer of Viittaus Corporate takes the lead on attaining the Sustainable Development Goals, as Vittaus building and construction streamlines their procedure towards SDGs conscious

With recent dynamics in the nature of work, questions arise as to how construction and building companies can channel their methods of operations to fit into the future for sustainable and long-term progress. Minds on the sustainability of the ecosystem and humanity, Vittaus Corporate a multidimensional construction and building company has set the pace. The company has a track record of getting acquainted with emerging technologies while adapting to the prevalent climate change. With trending and innovative skill set, Vittaus Corporate constantly develops new and adjustable technologies channelled towards the future on a global scale.

The founder of this ground-breaking company, Vittaus has about five decades years of solid experience in construction, engineering, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecoms, Retail, Health, Energy, Transport and Aeronautics, Space and even Defence up his sleeves. In recent times, the CEO Igor Jr. Prevost, took the mantle and is constantly presenting builders and construction workers the opportunities for saving energy, building and impacting lives. With track record of guiding construction workers and builders through the rigorous process of decision making, site selection and construction it is safe to say that the future is bright for the company and its client base.

To bring forward the best in construction, building and BTP for the French and beyond, Vittaus is working with a broad ecosystem, friendly tools for cities and buildings to deliver a number of new solutions to emerging issues. Advances in technology have not only enabled builders and construction workers to prioritize convenience as productivity metric but also saved and is still saving the world from endemic changing times. Truly, the world is constantly reshaped by technological processes and the best decision is adopting new ways of construction and building.

About Vittaus Corporation

VIITTAUS CORPORATE is a full-service general contractor, providing both pre-construction and construction management services. Founded by Viittaus who was born in 1971 in Finland. The company was named after the founder Viittaus which means reference in Finnish.  Vittaus Corporation had many opportunities to develop and improve their processes, based on what they learned on the job. 

Media Contact
Contact Person: Igor Jr.Prevost
Email: Send Email
Phone: + (44) 789 903 9383
Address:20 Rue de la Reconnaissance
City: Calais
State: Nord-pas-de-calais
Country: France

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