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Sarah Jo Vincent Announces ‘The Alliance’, a Transformational Advocacy Program for Families with Children Dealing with Addiction

Sarah Jo Vincent Announces ‘The Alliance’, a Transformational Advocacy Program for Families with Children Dealing with Addiction

“”For kids coming out of treatment, there was no bridge. They were expected to go home and battle all of the same triggers. Our approach targets those stressors, allowing families to heal together.” – Sarah Jo Vincent, Founder of the Alliance and Soul Purpose”
‘The Alliance’ is the bridge to the generational gap in recovery awareness and rebuilds trust within families navigating recovery.

Founder of Soul Purpose, Sarah Jo Vincent, is pleased to announce the addition of The Alliance Mentorship Program to her list of campaigns that help struggling families and youth fight addiction.

Barriers are identified and broken down in The Alliance Mentorship Program, for both the youth and the caregiver. The system spotlights their strengths and useful traits which creates a roadmap to a growth-oriented relationship, but one with respect and trust at its core.

Clients are met where they currently stand, whether fresh out of treatment, or struggling to find direction at home. The Alliance program will help them find sustainable solutions and move beyond their current circumstances, while ultimately helping both the youth and guardians find common ground and unite.

Vincent and her team are focused on the in-home program where they are building an ‘Alliance’ between children and their families. Its aim is to facilitate relationships at home and in the community. Sarah Jo has decades of experience guiding families battling addiction on their path to recovery through sustainable solutions. 

The vision of her nonprofit is to educate, empower, and elevate youth to see beyond their current state and understand that their past mistakes are not indicative of their future potential. 

Soul Purpose focuses on assisting youth in garnering awareness of their conditions and building new skill sets, all through holistic fitness and education initiatives. The exercise program is centered on functional fitness and actively helps recondition not only their body but also their mindset. The educational portion of the program delivers a road map for the client derived from vocational opportunities. This road map allows them to take the steering wheel in creating fitness, nutrition, and educational goals for their future, without barriers.

The foundational youth empowerment program of Soul Purpose, T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E., offers a comprehensive curriculum and guided path for families bridging the gap from addiction to full recovery. Schedule a discovery consultation to discuss how Soul Purpose helps achieve this rehabilitation by visiting 

About Sarah Jo Vincent

Sarah Jo Vincent is a CADC1, CRM, QMHA, transformational advocate, and the founder of The Alliance and Soul Purpose. She helps families struggling with children who are navigating addiction and self-destructive behaviors, in the process creating a new and better life for the entire family. With 32 years of sobriety, she helps families move from addiction to full recovery, by building bridges of communication and trust.

To learn more about her transformational program, please visit

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