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Sanromá Trio Set To Perform At The Family Concert Series

Prestigious chamber music ensemble, Trio Sanromá, announces its performance at the upcoming Family Concert series in the Jesús María Sanromá Hall of the Bertita and Guillermo Figueroa Theater

The talented trio members Francisco Cabán (violin), Luis Miguel Rojas (cello) and Diana Figueroa (piano) will be thrilling classical music lovers from different parts of the world as they perform at The Family Concert Series. This event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 16, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. in the Jesús María Sanromá Hall of the Bertita and Guillermo Figueroa Theater. Sanromá Trio  will be delighting the audience with the performance of various pieces for violin, cello and piano, including a piece composed by Spanish composer Veronica Rodriguez Pellegrini.

Trio Sanromá, a group in residence at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music since 2015, has earned a reputation for excellence, giving special recognition to pieces by contemporary composers, as well as works by women composers. Over the years, Trio Sanromá has contributed to the Arts and is bringing its passion, creativity, and contemporary approach to The Family Concerts Series.

Veronica Rodriguez Pellegrini wrote the second piece of the program, a Trio for violin, cello and piano. The violinist and composer was born in Spain and has been a member of the New World Symphony, the Extremadura Symphony, and the Orchestra of Radio and TV of Spain. She has also been a member of the Puerto Rico Symphony since 2014. Her compositions have been performed in major cities in different parts of the world, including Madrid, Philadelphia, Miami, Tampa, New Mexico, United Kingdom, and more recently in Puerto Rico as a part of the Festival Casals and Festival Cellistiko.

This Family Concert Series was originally scheduled for September 18. However, organizers of the event had to reschedule due to Hurricane Fiona. The pieces that will be performed at the concert are Icli Zitella – Common Sense, Verónica Rodríguez -Pellegrini – Trio for violín, violoncello and piano, and Ludwig Van Beethoven- Trío in B flat Major Op.97, “Archduke.”

For further information about The Family Concert Series and how to be a part of the experience, visit, and,  

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