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Sagist Group Attracts African & European Investors Through Its Hugely Profitable Business Model

Sagist Group, luxury furniture makers, is fast becoming the new favorites of wealthy businessmen from both Europe and Africa.

No place is complete without a set of sturdy furniture. While easy to take for granted, one can’t deny that a pair of furniture adds to the overall comfort of any location. İt also helps that furniture have a variety of meaningful uses. They are ideal for relaxation, storage, and even add to the general beauty of a place. but while any type of furniture wold do for most people, there are others willing to spend money on the best type of luxury furniture money can buy. İt is for the need of people in this latter group that Sagist Group was created to fill.

Sagist Group is a company that specializes in crafting custom-made luxury furniture to suit the exclusive tastes of its clients. The renowned furniture-making business has a factory in Turkey that turns out high-quality products for both private and commercial residences.  From its inception to now, Sagist Group has grown to be the leading manufacturer in its field. Thus, it is not out of place to see its products dotting the most premium hotels and luxury villas all over the world.

Sagist Group is founded by Metin Durmaz, a famous businessman and architect with a dream of making his compnay achieve global status. İn line with this loftyy goal, Metin has invested a whopping sum of 43 million USD in just the first quarter of 2022. This investment will see Sagist Group establishing and cementing its status in many other sectors such as architecture, international transportation, coffee, acoustic panels, construction, and, of course, furniture.

In addition to his personal investments in Sagist Group, Metin also gives interested investors a chance to earn passive income in the reputable company. Recently, Sagist Group had a cash inflow of over 11 million USD from a furniture distributorship deal which was then swiftly given out to its investment partners. The opportunity to earn money in such and safe sector has made the Sagist Group an investment favorite of many wealthy businessmen from around the world, particularly those in Africa and Europe.

Speaking on why the Sagist Group has become the darling of investors, Metin Durmaz says, “First of all, we are a very reliable and incredibly successful company. We are very close to African and European culture. We constantly earn for our investors and we can make their payments in the currency of the country they want. That’s why they always prefer us.” 

Metin Durmaz is not preparing to rest on his oars anytime soon even with all the laudable achievements his company has gotten since its existence. With its constant investment in the constructio and furniture sector, Sagist Group is looking to soon be a household name. The company has also give distributorship of its luxury furniture to four countries in a mouthwatering deal that costs millions of dollars.

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Company Name: Sagist Group
Contact Person: Metin Durmaz
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Address:Sagist Group Plaza/ Maresal Fevzi Cakmak Cad. No: 118 Atasehir Ferhatpasa
City: Istanbul 34888
Country: Turkey

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