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Safevix: Data-Driven Flight Risk Assessment Tool V2 Has Been Released

Safevix released high-end technology and a new flight risk assessment tool for the aviation industry. Safevix aims to make the sky safer by assessing flight risk before the flight. With the new release of the application, Safevix offers the most advanced and accurate flight risk assessment tool to air operators and pilots. The application gathers the widest possible data to score flight risk. Safevix is able to provide fast and robust risk analysis through advanced data analysis. You may visit the website to have more detailed info about how the most advanced flight risk assessment tool Works:

A flight risk assessment tool is the method by which pilots or other members of the flight safety team assess the risk level of an upcoming flight. The broadest range of evaluation criteria can take into account factors including aircraft condition, weather, airport and runway condition, pilot condition, pilot fatigue level, and risk trends.

Every flight has naturally some level of risk. In order to build a review process and create risk mitigation methods, pilots must be able to distinguish, in advance, between a low risk flight and a high risk flight. A flight risk assessment tool makes it possible to identify hazards in advance and can represent risk visually. It is a crucial tool that can help pilots in making better go or no-go decisions and should be used on every flight.

To have more info, contact Safevix:

How does the new Safevix Flight risk assessment tool work?

In the first step of flight risk assessment, Safevix automatically gets weather data from the departure and arrival airport and the pilot fills out basic flight data.

In the second step, the pilot responds to a series of questions related to experience and current conditions.

In the third step. The pilot takes a quick alertness test based on the psychomotor vigilance task method. This test allows us to measure the pilot’s instant alertness and fatigue.

In the fourth step, Safevix combines data and analyses it, including previous aviation accident data.

After the 4-steps of risk assessment, the pilot gets a flight risk score of between 0 and 100 and sees risk mitigation points. The pilot also logs mitigation actions in this step.

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