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Roofers in Clinton Township MI Explain the Difference Between Reroofing and Tear-off Roof Replacement

Michigan-based roofing company Miller’s Home Improvement has published a blog post educating local homeowners on the roof replacement options available to them.

The blog post begins by introducing the two choices that homeowners have – reroofing and tear-off roof replacement. Both are viable options following catastrophic roof damage due to a natural event or if they are just looking to upgrade their property. However, the choice will be different based on each homeowner’s needs and budget.

Reroofing is the recommended path for homeowners who want to restore their roofs to their former glory without breaking the bank. It is the most common option that homeowners go for if emergency roof repairs are just not going to cut it. This is especially pertinent in Michigan, a state which averages around 15 tornadoes per year.

Reroofing involves installing new asphalt shingles without tearing off the old roofing materials. Due to its piecemeal nature, the repairs are affordable and can be finished within a few days, the latter of which can be an important consideration if there is an incoming storm. Reroofing projects, though effective, aren’t nearly as durable or dependable as the second option, tear-off roof replacements.

The Miller’s Home Improvement blog post then dives into the many advantages that tear-off roof replacements offer over reroofing. First, since tear-offs require the old roof material to be removed, it allows roofers to inspect the structural integrity of the home’s innards, such as whether the wooden rafters in the attic have been weakened by rot and water damage. Thus, homeowners get a chance to not only install a new roof but also correct the damage their home has accrued over the years.

One of the reasons why tear-off roof replacements, if homeowners can afford them, are highly recommended is the associated warranties. Most roof material manufacturers only factor in tear-off roof replacements into their warranties, which are transferable with a freshly installed roof. So, it becomes a balancing act between a homeowner’s budget and their long-term goals of property ownership.

The blog post then presents information from Werner Roofing & Exterior to make its case for tear-off replacements. The notable arguments in its favor are that it is a long-term solution, it gives homeowners a chance to upgrade their roof structure, and it looks brand new, raising the value of the property when it comes time to resell it.

Roof replacements can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years depending on the choice of shingles and the quality of the materials used. Homeowners with properties that have begun to show their age can benefit a lot from roof replacements as it allows them to restrengthen their homes, add new insulation, and potentially lower their energy costs.

Michigan homeowners torn between the two options can rely on Miller’s Home Improvement to guide them through the difficult decision. The fully licensed and insured company has been serving customers in Detroit, Macomb, Southfield, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Troy, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Warren, Clinton Township, Dearborn, and nearby areas for over 30 years.

Miller’s Home Improvement offers customers a personalized approach to roofing that is backed up by professional technicians and excellent customer service. The company has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on its Google Business Profile from over 25 reviews.

One of the latest reviews for the company’s roof and gutter installation services says, “The staff at Miller’s home improvement were fast and professional. They did a wonderful job installing the roof and trim on both my house and garage using high-quality products. I highly recommend this company for all your roofing needs.”

Another review praises the company’s professionalism by saying, “Had my roof replaced last summer and we had a bad storm come through. I was worried about the damage. So I call, and they came out and inspected it and cleaned off the roof for me for free. Thank you.”

Readers can reach out to the roofers in Clinton Township MI for service inquiries at (248) 710-0439.


For more information about Miller’s Home Improvement, contact the company here:

Miller’s Home Improvement
Eric Miller
[email protected]
42383 Garfield Rd Suite 381300
Clinton Township, MI 48038

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