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Roofer Specializing in Solar Panels in Denver Posts Blog Which Provides an Overview of Composite Shingles

Roper Roofing & Solar is a company that has established a solid reputation for itself by providing quality roofing services in the Denver, Colorado area. But they are also a company that likes to give back to those they serve in other ways too. This comes in many different forms such as the informational blogs they often post on their website which help people make important roof repair decisions. A good example of this is a recent blog post that discussed the many different types of quality composite roofing shingles that are now available.

This new blog started by saying that composite shingles can be made using fiberglass, wood fibers, felt, or other materials and these stronger materials help them to be more durable than more traditional roofing shingles. This also contributes to composite shingles being more decorative than asphalt shingles. Composite shingles can even be manufactured in such a way that they mimic the looks of more expensive roof coverings such as clay tiles, terracotta tiles, and even slate. The post stated that these advanced shingles with an estimated 50-year lifespan continue to get more popular with each passing year. Another benefit of composite shingles is that they are often manufactured by using large amounts of recycled material. Some other highlight features of composite shingles include the fact that they are less prone to cracking, are impact-resistant, offer excellent color stability, inhibit algae growth, are they are flame-retardant. The blog article stated that all of this combines to make composite shingles much easier to maintain than more traditional asphalt shingles. It was also mentioned in the blog that the quality, looks, and durability of composite shingles make them an excellent investment when it comes to using them on new and replacement roofs.

Brent Roper, the company owner, stated that they posted this particular Roper Roofing & Solar blog post because they wanted their customers to recognize that they now have many other roof covering choices besides more traditional standard shingles. This includes everything from various forms of roofing tile to highly decorative, durable, and virtually leak-proof raised seam metal roofs. All of which the owner mentioned can be expertly laid down by their well-trained and experienced roofing crews. Roper stated that he also likes to make sure people know they are a company that operates with honesty and integrity. This statement is backed up by this glowing review by a customer named Christopher Lyons. In that review, Lyons proclaimed, “Brent was great! He did a free inspection and verified what I had a hard time getting from other companies. That my roof did not need replacing. He did a few small repairs for a reasonable fee that took like 10 mins. He was polite and professional. I will definitely reach out to them when the time comes for a new roof.”

The company owner also talked about how they have a good working relationship with area insurance companies, and this helps storm victims get their roof repair claims handled quicker. Customer Laura Gravina agreed as she mentioned, “My State Farm agent referred Roper Roofing to us. They did a great job with roof and gutter replacement and were able to get insurance to pay for the gutter replacement which was a pleasant surprise. Richard worked directly with the State Farm adjuster, and I never had to deal with them. I would definitely use them again if I ever needed a new roof, however, this would have to be in a different home as these impact resistant shingles that were installed should last long time!”

Roper said that his company which also specializes in installing solar panels in Denver is always ready to help those in their area of Colorado with any type of roofing needs that they have. The company offers no-cost/no-obligation roofing inspections and estimates and can handle a large variety of commercial and residential roofing projects. He also said that more information on the highly-rated roofing services that they offer can be obtained by calling them, sending them an email, or by referring to the company website.


For more information about Roper Roofing & Solar, contact the company here:

Roper Roofing & Solar
Brent Roper
[email protected]
795 McIntyre St. Suite 303,
Golden, CO 80401

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