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Rogue Space and Orbit Fab Sign Letter of Intent to Lease a Laura Orbot™

LACONIA, NH, January 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rogue Space Systems Corporation announced the signing of a Bilateral Letter of Intent with Orbit Fab, Inc., the Gas Stations in Space™ company. Rogue will provide observation services using their Laura Orbital Robot (Orbot™) spacecraft for a future Orbit Fab Demonstration Mission. Additionally, Rogue has agreed to outfit their Orbots™ with RAFTI fueling ports to support future on-orbit refueling from Orbit Fab. This agreement between Orbit Fab and Rogue sets the stage to expand each company’s in-space capabilities and increase cooperation by joining together to create “Service Stations in Space.”

“Rogue’s vision is to be the first interplanetary infrastructure services provider, and this partnership with Orbit Fab is a big step in that direction,” said Jeromy Grimmett, Rogue Space CEO and Founder. “Orbit Fab’s Gas Stations in Space refueling services are game-changing in the industry. Together, we see our cooperation adds tremendous value to the space ecosystem and infrastructure paradigm. Now, by working side by side, we’re going to have ‘service stations in space.'”

Rogue’s Laura Orbot™ will join a future Orbit Fab mission to capture the refueling events. Once the two space systems take their positions, Rogue’s Laura spacecraft will monitor Orbit Fab’s mission by perching in various stand-off locations around Orbit Fab’s spacecraft to capture high-definition images and videos. Rogue’s Orbot™ fleet is supported by AI-Enabled Sensory Observation Platform (AESOP), a Rogue technology that ensures customer satellites are serviced safely. As part of the agreement, Rogue Space and Orbit Fab will collaboratively formulate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Orbit Fab’s Rapidly Attachable Fluid Transfer Interface (RAFTI™) is a fueling port that enables spacecraft to be refueled in orbit and can be used as a drop-in replacement for existing satellite fill-and-drain valves. Orbit Fab will provide Rogue with RAFTI™ refueling ports for their Orbots™ and will be equipped on Rogue’s larger classes of Orbots™, such as Fred. Orbit Fab and Rogue are cooperating to locate Orbot™ “attendants” near Orbit Fab Fuel Tankers to provide additional support for customers of both companies. Together, Orbit Fab and Rogue are expanding and developing true in-space infrastructure for the rapidly expanding space economy.

“Orbit Fab is excited to explore collaborative partnerships to support the demonstration and development of our Gas Stations in Space™ refueling services,” Jeremy Schiel, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Orbit Fab, Inc. “Rogue Space System’s orbital servicing robots are complementary to our offerings and afford both companies various orbital opportunities to collaborate on.”

In December of 2020, Rogue entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (“CRADA”) with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicles Directorate, Geospace Technologies Division. The CRADA focuses on research areas of combined sensing and propulsion capabilities, as well as enabling the examination of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) components to determine their feasibility for future space applications on a proliferated architecture. Rogue is on schedule to deliver a demonstration mission for their Laura-1 spacecraft in the Fall of 2022 in cooperation with AFRL. Rogue Space is presently raising capital for its Seed round.

About Rogue Space Systems Corporation
Rogue Space Systems Corporation is a Laconia, New Hampshire-based company that designs satellite vehicles and subsystems to provide on-orbit services to satellite operators. Founded in 2020, the Rogue team is building a fleet of Orbital Robots (Orbots™) that will perform a variety of services for orbital assets in LEO, MEO, and GEO including inspection, maintenance, repair, transport and more. The fleet is supported by a first of its kind AI-enabled sensory observation platform. For more information, visit: Follow us on: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

About Orbit Fab Inc.
Orbit Fab believes a bustling in-space economy is a precondition to permanent jobs in space. By providing a ubiquitous supply of satellite propellant in LEO, GEO and cis-lunar space (branded Gas Stations in SpaceTM), the company improves existing space business models (communications and Earth observation) and helps open new industries like space tourism, manufacturing, and mining. Orbit Fab has racked up a number of world-firsts: the first ever commercially available in-space refueling port (RAFTITM), the first ever private company to resupply the International Space Station with water, and the first ever satellite fuel depot. The future for satellites is no longer restricted to the fuel they are launched with. Orbit Fab delivers the fuel and other materials that are needed, where and when they are needed, to enable business models never before thought possible. The company recently announced its first commercial fuel sale to Astroscale, a private orbital debris removal company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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