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Rock Spring Financial Group Is Tapping into the Next Generation of Home Buyers

Bel Air, Maryland–(Newsfile Corp. – January 26, 2023) – Rock Spring Financial Group LLC is bringing over 20 years of industry experience to a next generation of home buyers through the latest social media platforms and trends. This company is actively working to bring a better understanding of the housing market to younger generations through an emphasis on their social media presence.

The real estate and housing markets have been fluctuating wildly throughout the past decade, leading Millennials and Gen Z (the next generations in line to become homeowners) in a daze regarding trends and market strategies. It is estimated that only 9% of millennials own homes as of 2020 and that 71% of that generation can afford less than half of the homes on the market.

Rock Spring Financial Group is a local brokerage firm located in central Maryland that is working to change the narrative for younger Americans who may feel this lingering heaviness when it comes to buying a home. Rick Metzgar, an Independent Mortgage Broker, as well as the Founder of Rock Spring Financial Group has realized the potential that social media has on educating younger generations, especially when it comes to something as crucial as buying a house and securing a mortgage.

“Our company is known for its hyper-local involvement and support of the area’s nonprofits,” Metzgar explains. “We pride ourselves on providing one-on-one relationships backed by a team of professionals.” This is seen throughout the company’s various TikTok videos, which follow social trends as a way to reach an audience that otherwise may lack the financial understanding it takes to own a home and apply for a mortgage.

This company has been utilizing their updated TikTok profile to reach a new audience by creating content that appeals to the platform’s user base. This kind of boosted social media presence can allow Rock Spring the opportunity in the future to also collaborate with influencers on the platform to help spread their message and create more visibility for their brand, something not typically seen in traditional financial/real estate literacy programs.

Rock Spring works to guide them through each step of applying and completing the process for securing any type of mortgage, from purchasing their first home to a reverse mortgage to provide for their retirement.

Rock Spring Financial Group is a local brokerage firm located in Bel Air, Maryland. Founded by Rick Metzgar, the company works to help its clients secure mortgages and simplify the home buying process. Their recent active presence on TikTok aims to provide the next generation with the skills they need to find financial literacy in a conceding home market. For more information about Rick and Rock Spring, visit their website and Social Media platforms.

Rick Metzgar

(443) 801-6389

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